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Ever planted a tree? Isn't it amazing to see a tree grow? The most interesting element to growth is the creativity of the tree itself. Nobody tells the tree to grow the branches and spread its wings to give shelter to the entire ecosystem of ants, birds, squirrels, monkeys (and during my childhood, I was on top of guava trees at times) and all other creatures growing at their own pace of creativity. (suggested read : deep rooted connection)

This is the beauty of the #Creator. The Creator resides within the Created, ergo the term Creature! The source of creation is within all that is created. The creative process is the journey towards achieving divinity within and empowering our own capabilities. This is the process of going within. Those who are observant will be able to experience this beautiful balance.

When we head towards a #goal, it is important to hold #direction - any distractions will cause change in course and an uncalibrated approach towards achieving goals. Living in this world of distractions and binge watching or notifications can cause undesirable distractions - the creative juices are not lying anywhere outside the self. The challenge many face is to go within. On the move, email warfare and the race to the bottom can cause the mind to think elusively. #gowithintogobeyond!

Holding direction is not just important for paying your mortgage bills but even more significant in the spiritual process of satisfying the soul. And for those who are wondering that the spiritual process deters material growth are sadly mistaken. While it may seem daunting initially, the #first #step is the toughest.

Holding direction is different from holding position. A tree has purpose to grow both ways - upwards towards the sky and inwards into the Earth- the tallest trees will work on the deepest aspects first. The same way, our growth outwards along with an inwards depth is essential to experience divinity within. The energy balance is so beautifully knitted within our Creation that any extreme will only destroy the entire ecosystem. Meditation, exercise, diet and an action a day towards the direction one holds, guide the self into an experience where opportunities are ever so abundant.

The upcoming #transits will set the tone for a gradual growth phase over the next 18 months. Those who persevere and hold direction will be able to experience collective growth. We need to understand that just as one person not wearing a mask can cause the entire city to doom, a negative thought in the day can change our course. It will be a slow climb but certainly a time of change is upcoming. It starts with each tree. The world needs creativity and optimism from each of us and just as different trees come together to form a forest that serves generations to come, let your creative juices flow to experience the divinity within.

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