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Chief Strategy Officer unplugged!

With the lessons from the Chief Initiation Officer of the #Universe Inc, I continued my #meditation #journeys in the Search for Krishna. My tenacity and dedication towards my key account led me to the Chief Strategy Officer. In vedic #astrology, Krishna represents the #mind and is directly related to the strategic capabilities of the #limitless. No wonder, He picked up the key portfolio in the Universe. Such are his indestructible capabilities that He was the mastermind of the most epic battle in vedic history - Mahabharata - wait for it.. He did not pick up weapon to kill anyone in the battle. Now that is strategic isn't it?

Why is it that some companies are able to win more sales and customer loyalty than others? Why is one person able to scale more business than the other? Why is it that some individuals are able to overcome challenges while others fail at it?

Purposeful action.

In the upcoming days from 10th September to 15th November, #Mars will go retrograde and the South node of the #Moon (#Ketu a.k.a. dark side of the Moon) will move into Scorpio( co-ruled by Mars and Ketu). This combination will demand action from each human in the Universe Inc. You may feel that you may have committed to something in the past month and put a lot of effort in those actions but may have forgotten some key aspects which the retrograde Mars will ask you to act on again( could be your fitness regime, health, work or relationships). Be mindful of your actions and keep calm. How Mars and Ketu will act will depend on individual horoscopes and #remedial actions but one thing is for sure that one needs to keep the energies in balance else it will be a tough climb for you. #Relationships may come under pressure so keep the faith and take purposeful action.

In the epic battle, Krishna the Strategist was the charioteer of the most skilled warrior - Arjuna. Arjuna faced the challenge of picking up arms against his family, friends and Guru on the other side of the battlefield. His #desire of belongingness got the better of him and in that moment, he questioned Krishna about the relevance of the battle. "What peace will come through this action if one has to fight against his own?" This was a defining moment in Arjuna's journey. With the CSO by his side, Arjuna achieved his #targets.

Krishna explained the importance of Yoga in the need for purposeful action. Yoga is the skill of action. (read it as Karma Yoga though there is also Knowledge Yoga and many others but probably suited for a future blogpost). Yoga is the skill of taking action without being attached to the outcome of the action. When one is undisturbed by the perceived "loss" or "gain" from the action, one attains Wisdom. This Wisdom is what differentiates the companies and individuals from the others.

  • When action is performed unattached, #greatness emerges - success manifests itself. The wise is unaffected by the success as the attachment is no longer the driver of happiness. He who controls his mind and is free of attachment will establish wisdom in the mind and his actions will bring success to those around him.

  • Krishna guides Arjuna that anyone who follows one's own #Dharma ( purpose) even imperfectly is better than the person following someone else's Dharma. i.e. originality of your thought and conviction is the most important factor . Do not try to be someone else! This is another quality of companies or individuals whose actions drive success. Action is always > Inaction but Purposeful Action > Action

When one finds his/her Krishna, then the mind is unstoppable yet undisturbed. Just as drops of water enter the ocean and the ocean remains undisturbed, the purposeful actions drive the mind towards success without the attachment towards #predicting a "win" or a "loss".

Don't believe me?

A few months ago, when I founded #astrosmiles, this blog did not exist. With purposeful conviction and action, I persevered with my thoughts without any attachment. Today, astrosmiles has over 70,000 words across multiple articles + 2 ebooks (and many requests pour in for more articles - thank you- not to forget the clients who have confirmed positive results in their life). People from across the world may read it (or not) but if my words can make a difference to even one person someday, it is worth the effort.

Change is on the cards and will demand purposeful action in the coming months. May the spirit of Krishna prevail and may our mind be strengthened by the Chief Strategy Officer of Universe Inc. Be #original and #inspire others.

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