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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Everyone is in search of answers today – but the real quest is where does this search lead us?

In these trying times, while the world is clamouring for immunity building and connecting virtually, it is also granting time for self-introspection, recalibrating our lives and developing a collective consciousness like never before.

Lord Krishna is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who played a significant role in the epic wars of Mahabharata - as depicted in the holy scriptures of the Vedas. He gave the most profound life message to Arjuna at a battlefield.

In Vedic astrology, Lord Krishna represents the Moon. Apart from many significations, moon is a significator of the human mind, nourishment and emotional well-being. The ways of Lord Krishna are unique and always aligned for the greater good.

Krishna’s message is rooted in principles which we can adopt not only to overcome the challenges we face today, but for our lifetime to come and in all facets of the roles we play.

1. Overcoming your inner demons

At a time where our inner demons can take over, it’s important to understand the bigger picture and the greater good for which the war is being fought. Going through some level of discomfort for the greater good is the responsibility of every human. Sacrifice is the karma which takes away pails of negativity and bestows fulfilment in our lives. Overcoming the challenges by reminding ourselves of the broader purpose serves us to handle the situation with resilience.

2. Prioritizing your Karma

When the mind is within a conflict zone, prioritization can only be done if we have the purpose clearly defined and we recognize the impact of each action.Blessed are those, who are able to find their Krishna as a guiding light to steer them through the conflict zones of the mind.

3. Pain or suffering? - Learning from our “perceived” loss

Lord Krishna’s message to Arjuna was to prioritize his karma. Arjuna was reminded that the pain he may experience in that moment, need not be amplified to cause suffering. Repeating the thoughts of pain causes more suffering v/s accepting the pain as a means to develop clarity and strength to inspire others in pain. You can elevate yourself by applying your learnings of overcoming pain and help others in need of your service.

4. It’s not a race but a marathon

Mental resilience and openness to accept the notion that it is not the universe v/s you but the universe with you is a sign of an evolving mind. Liberating your inner demons will help you to create a space for everyone and allow true potential to resolve challenges. The river of life is rich enough for each fish to swim. Helping others in need may mean that you lose the small races but certainly prepares you for the marathon of life.

5. Uphold the flag of Dharma and integrity

Our mind is the greatest asset we have and thinking positively for the well-being of our neighbours, competitors, loved ones and every being will only uplift the generations to come. Acting responsibly at a time of conflict is the call of the Dharma – integrity is the key tenet of an able warrior.

Krishna is around you and if you are lucky then maybe within you -all you have to do, is to reach out and seek the focus that Arjuna got through finding his charioteer in the conflict zone.

Hope you find your Krishna to guide you and make this a better place for the future generations of Arjuna in your life.

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1 Comment

Thanks Amit clarifying the complex things of life in simple words. It's really difficult to leave your past and carry on. But as with the guidance of Krishna,Arjuna focused on his current situations and move ahead leaving his past, similar way we need to maintain our emotional balance in tough situations to move on. Thanks again for reminding the basics of life with your article.

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