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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Lessons from the Founder of the largest Enterprise - Universe Inc!

If someone was to ask me what defines the greatest leader, it is one word - Ganesha. Inspiring, relatable, obstacle remover, fun, sacrificing and universal are just some qualities that a good leader should imbibe. But what is it that makes this "Elephant God" into a leader like none other? What can we learn from the Founder of the largest Enterprise?

He is the Initiator of material and spiritual journeys. Ganesha a.k.a. Ganpati developed a strong value system founded in his early years by his parents - #Shiva ( the ultimate Yogi) and #Shakti( the divine power). Even in his early years, he was grounded and centered on the values of respect and generosity. He evolved to become a symbol of new beginnings. In this world full of change and startups, if there is anyone you need beside you.. it is Ganesha!

Purposeful winning

Once, the messenger of the Creator visited his parents with a rather difficult choice - a mango with the wisdom of the universe - the challenge was that the parents could only give it to one of their children. Karthikeya (Ganesha's sibling) was quick and had a peacock as his vehicle. Ganesha's vehicle was just a mouse. The parents set out a challenge that the "Fruit" of wisdom shall be the prize for the one who completes 3 rounds of the World. Karthikeya zoomed out while Ganesha went #within and quenched his thirst for #purpose. He walked around his parents 3 times. They meant the world to him. Pleased with #Ganesha's wit and clarity of purpose, #Shiva gave Ganesha the prized mango.


Shakti ( Parvati a.k.a divine power) resides in the first chakra of the human body in the form of Kundalini. Ganesha was the guard to his mother and thus became the deity who guards this Chakra. Yellow is the colour associated with the Muladhara (first) chakra. No prayers are initiated without invoking Ganesha. He is the beginning and the ever so expanding universe! Invoke your Ganesha to initiate change in your life.

Without Ganesha, one can never meet Shiva or Shakti. Without initiative, one can never attain purpose or power.

What can an Elephant God possibly know about Management? (well it turns out ... much more than any of us!)

  • Large Head: symbolises wisdom, intelligence and thinking ability. Moving away from the ego to a more universal self.

  • Large Ears: listening skills.

  • Small mouth: speak purposefully and responsibly.

  • Large stomach: digest the good and bad and be willing to take punches of failure and success with grace and strength.

  • One tusk: singularity of purpose, truth and the path of integrity.

Did I miss prosperity?

Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity and wealth) adopted Ganesha and it is one of the reasons why Lakshmi and Ganesha are always operating in partnership. Without initiative, no good will come through. So find your purpose and inspire yourself by the Ganesha within!

With the new beginnings in sight and change on the cards, on the pious day of Ganesha Chaturthi, may the spirit of Ganesha prevail and may we draw power from the Chief Initiation Officer of the largest Enterprise!

Vedic astrology is a science based on activation of the right energies. Ganesha represents the inner core of our being. Ganesha teaches us to go within ourselves and find our strengths. At Astrosmiles, we have conduct several wellness journeys which help our clients discover the Ganesha within them.

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