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ECLIPSE: Navigating Life's Inflexion Points

Dark alleys of any city is a place many would refrain from visiting and spending time around. Darkness is an active part of life and cannot be avoided for any living being. Can you change the day and night cycle? One learns how to deal with less light and slowly bring light in all corners of the city to ensure growth.

Walking the path with unknowns is something which some people master better than others - these are the heroes you admire. It is an important inflexion point where transformation is initiated within and thoughts take shape of action. Darkness can create an illusion as the sense of time is forgotten in darkness. So what kind of an approach is possible to handle darkness?

One approach is to close your eyes and live in denial and the other approach is to draw inspiration from those who are in complete darkness yet making efforts to progress each day. To evolve the city, every section of society has to progress - in the same way, every aspect of life deserves the shining light of your thoughts. You can run but the Earth is round and the same test will come back to You in another form. This is the universal law of time and space. These are the laws of balanced diet, balanced life and a balanced body.

Eclipse is a key time period in the solar and lunar cycles. It is an inflexion point where it forces even the best oiled machines to change in some way. Karma release of sorts will be happening around this time period and its effects will set the tone of the time to come until next eclipse.

What lies ahead of a blind turn can only be handled in three ways :

  1. Seek a mentor

  2. Go slow

  3. well you know this one...

Our Wellness Journeys kick off on 9th April but we'd be happy to help during eclipse should you seek our counsel.

An amazing remedy during eclipse on 8th April is to donate for those who don't have light. You can choose the campaign below or any charity of your choice.

  • If you do like our remedy and benefit from it then do share, like and spread the word of Astrosmiles - it keeps us going to help as many people as we can.

  • If you’d like a consultation for yourself or someone in need of our assistance then please reach out to or WhatsApp +6587277684.

  • Explore your cosmic companion & sign up for Surya Prathama , a 12month subscription to help you keep the basic energies aligned with the cosmos.

  • We do free consultations for children suffering due to challenging health conditions so please feel free to reach out. We will try and give our best for those souls.

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