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Hot air rises up and cold air takes its place - a very simple yet foundational physics principle which governs convection, cooking techniques and the essence of growth. Creator must have given the same advice to the Sun and clearly he listened and executed it elegantly.

Heat is an element which can be a blessing and a curse depending on how one uses it. Too close, you burn and too far away you are left in the dreaded cold. Understanding the elements, their energies and their outcomes is the key essence of astrology. At Astrosmiles, our objective is to help the clients understand these elements in play and their outcomes to assist in the wellness journey. It is a unique approach of practical manifestation and predictive ability to help the seekers. Steady cooking techniques are always going to yield a delicious meal but you need to have the right vessels as well to conserve energy and not lose flavour. There can be no fast food which can replace the flavour of a well cooked meal.

The Sun is the source of all beings on this Earth as well as the unknown in the solar system.The beauty of the Sun is revealed everyday and within the energy is revealed a deep secret of life. One just needs to observe and if lucky then learn from it. When the Sun is rising it is not shining but when it gets disciplined then it starts shining with nobody able to look at it but only pay respect. The challenge is when the self wishes to shine without handling the heat to rise. Consistency and discipline are the hallmark of good governance.

To bring out the real flavour of the soul and the worldly defined success, one needs to understand the nuances of the heat to rise and then handle the heat to shine. Mixing up these energies will only lead to a bloated ego and blindness from reality which can only burn the soul.

As the Sun makes its move from the end of the winter solstice (Uttarayan) into Capricorn towards Gemini, Astrosmiles wishes its clients and also the hidden observers a very Happy journey ahead.

May the collective consciousness rise and shine!

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Very nicely articulated Amit. You blend the simple life phenomenon so well in astrological fundamental that very complex things becomes so simple to understand. Very nice way to explain in simple but logical way. Hats off buddy, keep up the good work and great responsibility to make complex astrological language in easy to understand principals.

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