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Sunny Side Up

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Sunlight has no boundaries, no religion, no colour and certainly no title. It is an equal intensity for all. The Sun is one of the few visible energy sources for Earthlings. After-all, he has the authority to define the planetary orbits so I assume it is a unanimous vote of power for him.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but transferred from one source to another. This law of thermodynamics is not just a geeky affair ( though I admit that I was crazy about Physics.. ssshhhh!!) but a deeper essence of how we catalyse change.

Each of us is an energy source ( getting too scientific eh?) drawing the energy from the Sun. This energy can create a Sun within each of us. To energise the Sun within, special conductors are built by the Creator. I call it morals. Morals are receptors and great conductors of energy. The higher the morals, the better the conduction in society. The lower the morals, the more one turns into an insulated cat with it's head in the sand. We all want our children to be global samaritans but somehow the racism issues seem so far away until it knocks on our own door. Unless we charge up the conductors within, we will be the insulated cats no matter what we may say. Good news is that it is never too late to change.

So the question is, how do we get this sunny side up?

  1. Accept the bias within: Everyone is biased but acknowledging it within is the first step. Stereotypes are everywhere - just don't be dumb enough to fall for the trap. (e.g. you look Indian so you must be into coding!)

  2. Charity begins at home: Start with self - this way there is one person less in the world to deal on racism.

  3. Engage and understand : Just because I've got a toothache doesn't mean all others who don't, are happy. It is not about me but us.

  4. Uniformity: Growing up, it was always a perceived hassle for me to be in a school uniform everyday, but in hindsight, its a great concept to ensure people from all walks of life and economic strata are dressed uniformly. The only thing that makes one stand out is merit and only merit.

  5. Parenting: The first school is the most important. When we speak, its not just us but the entire generations of our family speaking and acting through us. Our actions matter so we need to speak and act wisely.

Racism of any kind is an imbalance of energy of our value system and will burn our energy circulation. Bring up the sunny side and take the first step towards equality.

If you'd like to add more ways to uplift the sunny side then please feel free to comment, like, share this article and engage others. If you'd like a consultation find the sunny side through #astrology and #wellness, please reach out

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