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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Geared up for the next summit!

Many a mountaineers confess that descending is more difficult than conquering the summit. Maximum casualties occur at #K2 and #Everest during descent. The fatigue, excitement and the lack of oxygen takes a toll on the fittest and the most trained. Those who manage their excitement while at the top are able to return to the base camp and then prepare for the next ascent. It becomes difficult to draw a line between mental and physical pressure in such situations.

#Life too is like a mountain climb and all you need to remember is that to get to the next mountain, you need to take one step at a time while descending. Resting at the base camp is equally important to clear your head. In a constantly active mental state that exists today, it is important to isolate the self from the noise. Those who understand this principle are able to conquer more summits than others. Ironically, many who conquer summits are not doing it for the numbers but the process itself that changes them over time (even though it may have started off being a number game due to peer pressure). Go #within to go #beyond.

The winds change very often at high altitudes. Life is no different. The key is to understand when to run and when to regain your breath. Getting anxious will lead to loss of oxygen which in-turn will bite you when the winds are in favour. Knowing when to hold back and when to push are the traits of an experienced climber. In #astrology, we call it pending #karma. If you don't clear the credit card interest and keep buying new stuff then the interest keeps adding up and the karma runs into losses. How you act now and prepare, will decide the success of the next climb.

Having personally experienced the power of meditation and acceptance within, I can promise you that this works wonders if one can climb over the demons of the mind. When life throws a challenge, remember that the Creator is not getting personal but She is assigning a climb to a person who can handle it – if there are people you know who are going through such a climb then please do share this article with them. They are the chosen ones!

Imagine a scenario that a critical task has come up at your workplace and you need to choose between two of your team members as to who should lead it. One of them is a hardworking and devoted team member while the other is the most politically charged person and is only there for reasons other than work( you know one of them don't you? ).

Who do you think you will choose to get the job done with complete sincerity? (yes, rhetoric always works in such questions!)

If you could guess this question then please trust the Creator also (She is more experienced than all of us) – only those people who can handle a challenging climb are thrown such challenges and the Creator knows that once they conquer the summit of their mind then they are ready for the next ascent.

In the past 8 months since I left my workplace, the pull towards introspection and the spiritual progress has been a blessing. It was important to rest at the base camp, introspect, clear my head and trust the Creator that the winds will show me a path.“If you really feel the path is right, then keep walking” (thanks Saurabh Arora for this quote). You may never know whether it really is, but the Trust in the Universe is the torch in times of darkness which can pull you through. Friends and family can prove to be those #Sherpas one needs to avoid those slippery rocks - just reach out and seek. Don’t treat one's individuality so seriously!

A new member is born in my family. She is named #Nuva. I’d like to thank all the friends and partners who stood by me and encouraged my decision. The path seems right, the vision is getting clearer and the trust is deeper than the Mariana trench. The climb is awaiting and I am going for the summit, only this time with a #motivation greater than when I started my first day at work 18 years ago. Here's to Nuva! and all the Sherpas in my life.

If you’d like to share a story of your climbs and encourage others to fight their inner demons, please like, subscribe, share this article. If you'd like a consultation to initiate new beginnings through #astrology and #wellness, please reach out. Checkout my ebook Being Hanuman . Please share and provide feedback to encourage my writing.

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