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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

happiness on the go!

Water is the personification of the Trinity and an element of critical importance for the Earth. It is a Creator, Sustainer and a Destroyer depending on the roles it plays and the forces with which it operates. Water is the most programmable tattwa(element) across traditions and religions. The same water programmed by a pandit or priest can become "holy" water for blessings or a weapon for "curses" carried across generations.

A River is a great inspiration. Each water drop is critical to the success of the river flow. Each drop being so significant yet so insignificant. The Source keeps pumping energy to allow the river to flow. It just flows without fretting about what lies ahead - be it a rock, crevice or blind turns. Water is adaptable, tenacious and formless. It does not complain if there is a rock in its way but finds a way around it. If the water is in the right spirit, then it may even choose to erode the rocks with tools of tenacity and dedication. Likewise on a crevice, the water drop takes a leap of faith while the world enjoys the wonderful"waterfall"without realising the sacrifices that the water drop has made.

Rivers are to Mother Earth, as veins are to human beings. Given 90% of our blood is made up of water, its role is critical for well-being. The right water content in our routine creates positive thoughts and drives away anxieties of the mind. Without water, the mind is a desert full of heat. Thoughts with the right attitude allow self to wither the challenging rocks and develop adaptability to achieve solutions in the River of Life.

The River called Life is an integral part of the ever blossoming and expanding universe. It just knows how to flow and has its own direction. No matter what you plan, the River has its own flow. There is a saying "If you want to make God laugh then just tell Her your plans":). Every individual life on the Mother Earth is a drop of water in the broader River of the Cosmos. The drops which go with the flow can pierce rocks and be a part of the wonderful waterfalls. Those who are full of heat just evaporate and come back to form the River again to be given another chance.

An event based model of happiness is the root cause of anxiety and sorrow. Imagine a fish which is adamant to flow against the River's flow and constantly blaming the River for not following the desired direction. The River has no other way to flow but the fish keeps pushing the River back. This fish looks at the other fish in its school and gets agitated further hoping to change the River's course instead of going with the flow.

Polluting the river with garbage and chemicals will not only destroy the water drops of the River but the entire ecosystem of the Mother Earth. Our diet and thoughts are no different.

Hope you swim through Life with ease and become a part of the wonders of the Mother Earth. Trust the Creator and the Source of the River of Life. If you'd like to share more ways to Go With The Flow then please like, subscribe and share this article to engage others.

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