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or get hunted!

Strong core leads to a strong body. Mental health is no different.

In Vedic astrology, the signification of the mind is assigned to the Moon. Moon, mood, Mother are all signified by the same energy. (Suggested Read: The Most Critical Planet). Mind is one of the most valuable assets gifted by the Creator - having said that, just as any other asset, if not maintained and managed with care and diligence, the asset could become a liability.

The core of Jyotish, just as the core of life is governed by the Moon. Even if the father gives the name to a child ( well in most societies even today), it is the Mother who remains the unsung hero and never gets enough credit for what she does. The Moon does an equal or most of the times much more amount of work and manages the oceans, trees and life itself while the Sun is out and about yet does not get the due credit. To shine in the darkness and give the light to everyone requires energy.

Our first coach of life is our Mother. She coaches the child to learn the ways of the family and the world. Blessed are those who have a strong Moon. Our will to act and find new ways will only come to the front when there is a will. From hunting for us to protecting us, the mind has many ways to guide us.

There are times when the darkness is lurking and the clouds are creating an illusion. Those who have offered light to others on full moon nights will be able to get light from the cosmos on dark nights. Mother is a giver and not a taker. When dark clouds surround the mind, it is the strength of the Moon in our life which decides the outcomes.

Many a times, people do not realize the importance of the mind until the dark clouds have set. The darkness is always there but it is the light of the Moon which decides the levels of visibility. When the soul and the mind are in sync then the light shines the brightest and the illusion of darkness is overcome.

Multiple ways to strengthen your Moon

  1. Respect your Mother and Motherly figures (yes including your Mother -in-Law) and do not judge her.

  2. Save food and water.

  3. Donate food.

  4. Say Hello to the Moon every night.

  5. Speak to friends and read positive thoughts.

This post is dedicated to all the Moons in my life. Without the Moon, the Astro can never smile.

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