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and simplest way You can achieve the best results. (includes a tip for Hiring Managers)

All planets in Vedic astrology are different forms of the Creator affecting us, yet many of us turn a blind eye to the most important planet of them all. Those who do disregard the importance of this planet eventually learn a tough lesson through the energies of all the planets considered in Vedic texts. Any guesses?

Vedic astrology is a way to interpret those actions and apply course correction to lead a better life. Jyotish or the Divine Light is one of the most sophisticated data science and a journey full of scientific permutations and combinations. The core message of every science is to steer the soul from unawareness to awareness. Those who seek something are the ones who eventually move towards this state of being.

It is a data science of Karmas. All the actions taken in this life by an individual will eventually pass onto their next generations ( and certainly within this life too so do not blame your ancestors - it is their good karma too that you got the good things so one must be thankful). Conversely, the actions of a family yesterday will manifest today. Understanding those actions and consciously improving everyday is the core essence of astrology. Even the most profound book of Karma - the Bhagavad Geeta starts with a question about what are the Kauravas and Pandavas doing in the karmic battlefield?

Coming back to the most critical planet - it is the Moon. Moon is the significator of the mind, mother and the thought. Without the Moon, no event can occur in the physical and the metaphysical plane. One cannot be born without the will of the Moon and cannot even leave this Earth without the will of the Moon. It is the Moon ( mood or mind) which drives one towards positive or negative action. It is the Moon which drives the tides and grows the herbs and all the fruits remain fresh with its energy.

Confused? Let us take an example - many people will say that exercise keeps you healthy but if the Moon is afflicted or damaged in the chart then the person will not even cater the thought of exercising. It is the thought that creates action not the other way. If one is in sorrow then the person goes into a thought of depression, alcoholism or even further. If the Moon is strong, the person will take on challenges, take care of the self and also help others - will never get into depression. It is the Moon which fulfils your day - just like you feel with your Mother or Mother like figures - nurtured and fulfilled.

No matter where your Moon is placed in the chart or how badly afflicted it maybe, the easiest way to see how your Moon is functioning, just look at your relationship with your Mother and what kind of food you are eating.

Same way, if there is a guy in your team who never shows up on time, certainly his relationship with the Father is not good or his father is not having good health(or certainly about to go bad). People who do not value time (and show up late on meetings)have destroyed the energy of the Sun - not to mention , they will also have issues with the Government. Do not expect them to deliver the results on time ever - tip for all the hiring managers.

How can one improve the Moon and the Sun?

  1. Moon - respect food, water and take time to eat it - do not criticize the food . Do not look at your phones and TV while eating and give it due respect. Above all, take care of your Mother - let the past go - She sacrificed a lot while you were not even able to tie your shoe laces.

  2. Sun - do not criticize others, your Government and do not judge others. Stop writing racist comments on social media. Be fair and disciplined. Keep your promises and be on time. Respect your Father. He tied your shoe laces too and helped you ride that bike which you proudly show off today.

Test out these things in your life and routine. It is an old saying that the one who does not respect his or her parents suffers in life - it is not without a reason.

All other planets align only after these two planets are aligned in one's life. Try these and you will find that the life takes a very positive turn and you will end up achieving great things in life. After all, both the Moon and the Sun are elements which are not racist, nurture and forgive every being to drive a better day on this Mother Earth.

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1 Comment

Ujjwal Bhargava
Ujjwal Bhargava
Apr 06, 2021

Although, all relations in life have a lot of significance. But well said Amit. Mother and Father are the first gurus, mentors who have rewarded , punished and above all given the name of the family. Hence, Moon and Sun define all the relations around the person. Well Narrated.

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