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let go of that albatross

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Trust is the only driver in the Unknown!

"Water water everywhere, nor a drop to drink" - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. TS Coleridge was a legend and gave the world a lesson which many people only learn through experience while some unfortunate ones never do .

In foundation school, this poem was a part of my textbook. While the poem was just a poem at that age, its value as a masterpiece was only understood as I progressed in life. Some of you may have been introduced to this thought by Iron Maiden. This is a humble interpretation of the legendary poetry and lessons we can draw in our life everyday.

The setting is simple yet profound - a frail and old Mariner approaches the bridegroom to narrate his experiences. The bridegroom is in a hurry but somehow feels that listening to this stranger is important. So listen on...

Brimming with excitement, a sailor set sails through the great oceans. An albatross continued to fly along with the ship and rested on the mast frequently. Out of unawareness or a rash momentary impulse, the Mariner shot the albatross with a crossbow. With the demise of the metaphorical lucky "guide", the ship entered unknown waters and the situation got from bad to worse. Those who have experienced true isolation will tell you that they believe in signs from the universe. In unknown waters, Trust is the only driving factor that keeps one going.

The crew tied the albatross around the Mariner's neck. The Mariner was full of guilt as he witnessed the loss of lives of many of his crew members. The crew believed that it was his act of cruelty that cursed the entire ship. They were in the middle of freezing oceans with no food and water around. He was held responsible, not only for the loss of the companion tied to him but also the lives of his mates. The ship was floating directionless. The Moon, water and the entire ecosystem seemed to have given up on the crew.

He had flashes of near death experience and in one of those moments he accepted his mistake of killing an innocent soul and subconsciously apologised to the universe. Such was the power of forgiveness of the universe that the Weather Gods responded and the winds changed. This one act of surrender changed the course of the ship and his life. He lived to narrate his story till his dying day. His suffering became his path to redemption.

He could never bring back the albatross but was now more experienced and wiser to spread the knowledge and help others. If you have experienced the ancient Mariner's situation in your life, then let go of that albatross and take the first step. Go within to go beyond!

Everyone makes mistakes but the wise try and learn from it and move on! Get rid of the negativity and embrace the positive learnings of life.

Surrendering to a higher power driving the universe is not defeat but a union of power. The bridegroom emerged sad but wiser after listening to the Mariner's rhymes.

If you have not read this poem yet, then I highly recommend you give it a good read here.

If you'd like to add more interpretations of the Rime of Ancient Mariner then please feel free to comment, like, share this article and engage others. Please share and provide feedback to encourage my writing.

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