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the unpredictable predictor!

Sherlock was a #predictor, an investigator and an #inspirational character during my growing up years. A collateral benefit of #meditation is a keen sense of observation which helps you see the funniest and the most contextual aspects of this causal world. For every event that occurs, there is a seed event and #astrology has the ways to decode these events. An astrologer's goal is to #predict what happened and what can potentially happen - just like #Sherlock did.

An ardent fan of #Sherlock, I visited astrologers to understand how they predicted and to my surprise, most never predict. They just gave #remedies of stones and rituals. A deep sense of focus and openness is needed to be a great predictor. But why is it that Sherlock could solve cases which nobody else could and how can we take the #first step towards being Sherlock in our sphere of life and deduce its purpose and predict the next ? - Elementary, my dear #Watson.

  1. Never assume and surely expect the unexpected

Change is on its way - whether you accept it or not. Either you change or the planets will force you to change. Deviation in your plan is the constant. An allowance of going with the flow will allow you to manage expectations and ensure that one enjoys the ride than worry about where to park when you get there.

2. Practice, practice and practice

An investigator can visualize the crime-scene without witnessing it. Once you get into the zone where you get messages in your dream then you can be assured that you are on the right path. There is no substitute for dedication and practice.

3. Commit and Jump - do not procrastinate

A lot of us are dreaming about perfect day in Wonderland - from retirement plans at that farmhouse to starting a company, one keeps dreaming everyday and some creative ones even drown themselves in a bar on a Friday only to crib about what they'd be doing on Monday.... then on Monday they will convince themselves that a Friday is on its way! Including one #action in our everyday routine will keep you real and committed towards your dream. It is that elementary but then again, please don't assume that simple is easy! A year ago, #astrosmiles was only an idea but here I am writing my article #20 for you!

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Very right said Amit, whether we like it or not but change would happen and going with the flow to remain blissful and enjoy the journey of life.what ever and how ever you prepare but life gives u surprises and how u perceive it would change the course of life. If u take it an opportunity you would Excel, but if you surrender to it you would be in deep suffering. So better ride on it and try to sail through.

Me gusta
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