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Corona Crossing

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Stop Look Go

My meditation journeys are taking me to interesting destinations (without polluting the mother Earth and certainly avoiding jet-lag). Following an interesting Cosmos Cabinet meeting, I now have clarity on the potential outcomes of the policies laid out. This specific journey was on public demand as the only question on people’s mind is when do things get back to the new normal?

We are at the metaphorical crossroads of this pandemic and those who are able to act on the will of the Cosmos Cabinet with a sense of responsibility will sail through this storm like Sindbad.

The outer planets – Jupiter and Saturn play an important role in the affairs on Earth - there are certainly other players who are significant contributors - Sun, Moon, Rahu(north node of moon), Ketu (south node of moon), Mars and Venus.

Last 10 days have been a testing period for global markets and individuals alike – it may have felt that things have come to a grinding halt – this is not surprising as Saturn had gone stationary(Vedic astrology assumes all the planets revolve around the Earth so it’s an optical illusion when changing direction but does impact Earth significantly when Saturn or any planet goes “stationary”) before changing directions. A few of my friends and clients in the stock market trading were up 5-7% given they took the advise of exiting the market before 4th May 2020 – the markets crashed thereafter.

Here is a recommendation to help steer you through this crossing

14th May 2020 - 15th July 2020

Clearly Saturn has been the dominant force in end of April and early May( since barbers are closed and hair is growing across the world :)). Once the barber shops open in some countries action will kickoff - Mars will come into action. There will be positive movement in this period given the retrograde Saturn, Jupiter and Venus helping reverse some negative events. At a collective consciousness level, this period will bring a positive effect and changes across the world.

Recommendation: Look but don't get carried away. Follow the guidance of Sun and Mars - your Government and the law enforcement. Help others in need.

15th July 2020 - 3rd September 2020

Jupiter (Happiness minister & cause for expansion) will join the south node of the moon (Ketu - the significator of self introspection, viruses and isolation) in Sagittarius on 15th July 2020 and then will be joined by the Justice Minister Saturn on 5th August 2020 - this will be a critical meeting. In my view, this will be the "sting" phase of this journey. This will be a lesson from the universe that we shouldn't take things lightly and fall back to the pre-corona carelessness of dealing with humanity and nature.

Recommendation: Stop taking things lightly as its not over yet.

3rd September 2020 onwards

Rahu(north node) and Ketu( south node of moon) change signs - this critical shift will mark the time for change. Rahu has been the dominant reason why there has been such a fear of the unknown and news are full of sorrow and sudden events- 2020 is his year. However, they have made a point and will give a relief to most of the world to progress towards the new normal. A positive news on the vaccinations or improvements in managing this "Corona crossing" will emerge.

The new normal will be in full force by later part of October/early November 2020.

Recommendation: Go but don't forget the price paid for the new normal.

The planets don't come to trouble us - they send energies to change us. Those who embrace the message of the Creator and embrace the change will cross this tough bridge with ease. For those left behind, do say a prayer that they can see the light.

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Amit Mehta
Amit Mehta
May 11, 2020

Thanks Vikas.


Thanks Amit for giving an advisory in reference to cosmos changes. This is a testing time for whole humanity,But it is teaching all of us the real meaning to live. We need to embrace the new dimensions defines by life in lockdown and sail through the rough waters.

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