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It's time to be Sindbad

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

but which one?

Sindbad has always been an inspiring read for me. Clearing my library today, I fumbled upon this eternal classic.

Once upon a time in Baghdad, Sindbad the porter was tired, miserable and resting outside a rich man's palace. He was complaining to Allah about his obstacles, limitations and lack of opportunities to be wealthy. Inside the palace, the merchant heard the rant and invited Sindbad the porter. This merchant happened to be Sindbad the Sailor.

We are living in a similar time and can draw several parallels from the essence of what the sailor narrated to the porter.

Excited about his first voyage and the explorations ahead, Sindbad set sails - little did he know what lies ahead. The ship docked on an island, only to reveal that it wasn't an island but a gigantic whale sleeping for many years - the other sailors left him alone. All by himself, leveraging just a small raft, he found a way and escaped a near death situation. Floating along, the waves took him to another island where he saved a King's mare. This one act of kindness was going to change the course of his life.The King rewarded Sindbad and it kicked off Sindbad's life changing experiences. The voyages were memorable not just for the treasures but the transformations it brought out in Sindbad - it wasn't a fluke that he was experiencing more changes than others - he was just more willing to receive.

Sindbad wasn't physically very strong or mentally superior but he had a strong trait of perseverance and love for his travels. He would never give up and navigated his way with the trust on Allah. One voyage led to another. Across his seven voyages, his love for travel and determination to fulfil his passion helped him sail the choppy waters and beat monsters to land ashore. Every voyage added more experiences and maturity to his being, making his life a joyful experience.

People called Sindbad the sailor"lucky".

One of my mentors had succinctly explained the difference between a "lucky" and an "unlucky" person. Imagine you are in a very dark tunnel and a light appears at the end of the tunnel. The "lucky" one perseveres and walks towards the light seeking opportunity at the end of the tunnel, while the "unlucky" one runs backwards thinking there is a train approaching.

The choice is yours as to which Sindbad you choose to be. May the holy month of Ramadan help you make the right choice.

The sails are waiting for you- just persevere. Bon voyage!

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1 Comment

Truly said Amit, it's the relentless efforts which turns future in your direction. As an old saying that fortune favors the braves.sucess is the tip of iceberg which is visible to everyone but the efforts behind it is like the balance body of iceberg which is not visible to outer world. Those who don't fears to be failed are always able to sail through. Nice Article.

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