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Down to Earth

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

" a private chat with Cosmos Cabinet"

The elections maybe delayed on Earth but certainly there is a lot of power-play ongoing in the constitution of the skies. Sun is involved with a hands-on approach but the Moon being Earth’s representative is negotiating on her behalf.

The Moon recently paid a visit to the trio - Jupiter, Saturn, Mars to discuss the plans for the Earth and then followed a meeting with Venus a few days ago. I had an exclusive conversation with the Moon during my meditation journeys.

The “Upper House” of the Cosmos has a purpose to drive the events on Earth and like all political systems, driving a common agenda and consensus is always the challenge. Up there, the only difference being that it’s a very able administration to handle the cosmos requests and accounting practices are very robust and secure. Broadly, the roles are well divided across key planets.

  • Sun – King/Govt.

  • Moon – Queen, food, mind

  • Jupiter - Education and Happiness Minister

  • Saturn – Judiciary

  • Mars – Protector

  • Venus – Social welfare

At an esoteric level, what happens up there in the cosmos is replicated on the Earth – so this meeting was a critical one to know what’s in store for the future.

1. The jury decides

As tough it maybe for individuals, Saturn led the discussion and Jupiter supported him in the past few months – while happiness was given to humans unconditionally, it was starting to cost the ecosystem exchequer way too much for one species alone.

Saturn is a patient observer but the account for the human race just hit a red, leading to pain, sorrow, isolation and lockdown of human race allowing other living beings like animals to roam freely, trees to blossom and rivers to gush with clean water.

2. Education bill passed

With the decrease in pollution over the Earth, the cabinet now has a very clear view of what’s ongoing. Jupiter’s agenda is clear for his constituency – purposeful action

  • Education should lead to true happiness

  • All species are equal – any human who feels entitled should remember that nature is above all and nobody is any less or more than the other. Your purpose is not above that of the cosmos but to align with its purpose.

Jupiter- true to the title of "Happiness"minister- clearly decided that no harm will come to the next generation during this epidemic though Saturn didn’t spare his side of elderly beings.

3. Defence is the best offence for now

Mars came into his element with survival skills taking centerstage. He gave power to the first responders and caregivers to bravely face the challenge and serve humanity. Humanity owes it to each and every representative of Mars out on the field. Mars will protect his Mother Earth but will need support from other children of Earth.

4. Think, act and vote

Mental health is every human’s responsibility and staying active is recommended – leverage your hobbies, family and friends to keep an active mind. Moon and Venus are working towards food and resource availability but any hoarding and abuse of resources is something Saturn will take note of and not go down well with the cabinet.

Severe penalties will apply for food and water wastage. All cabinet members are sending this message. Judicious use of resources is priority #1. The choices you vote for will decide your family's future.

5. Human Resource development - a lesson for future.

The cabinet is willing to cooperate with Earth if We as children of Earth take a step everyday towards purposeful action of ethical and humble living. Cabinet’s stance is clear that the current events are just a snapshot of what lies ahead unless humans change their irresponsible behaviour towards each other and nature. Act together or be isolated (quite literally). Justice will not be answerable to anyone.

If you’d like to contribute to help first responders and caregivers please donate to a local charity of your choice or choose from one of those below – comment, like, subscribe and inspire others.

It’s now down to Earth to handle its future in a matured and responsible manner.

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1 Comment

Hey Amit, I become fan of your articles now. In such a simple democratic way you explained the current planetary positions and their impacts on human beings. Amazing article.

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