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Sciences developed over thousands of years are designed to improve lives of people. Astrology is one such science with the planetary energies as the critical force impacting a native. Yes, it can help in addressing and handling many of the challenges that come about in life including anxiety, depression and mental illness.

Energy is a key driver in the generation and preservation of life. The Sun and the Moon being the primary sources of life on Earth play a significant role in our wellbeing. Each human is at a different energy level - those who are at a deficit, experience challenge in different forms - be it in the form of health, wealth or mental progress. When the mind centers itself on the deficits, negative thoughts and actions manifest.

Anxiety is such a deficit created within the mind for something which becomes the central figure in the snapshot of that time. The mind craves and then the body caves into it. Repeated thoughts of the deficit create the foundation for depression. These deficits can be triggered from external or internal factors, but the illness starts with the thought and not with the body. A continuous repetitive pattern of anxious thoughts taking center stage lead to what the external world calls depression. A depressed mind may end up in a vicious loop of self-deprivation of confidence, optimism and the will to improve. This vicious loop manifests itself in the form of illness - either mental or physical.

Vedic astrology is a scientific approach to balance the energies prevailing in a native's life. Ultimately, the goal of any science is to design a path of progression and evolution of humanity. Today, the world calls it remedies but in the Vedic living, these were a part of the lifestyle itself. With the lifestyle changing, many people shifted the pivot from the basic principles to the external influenced life. Our goal at Astrosmiles is to help clients pivot their life around a balance where they progress their mind without compromising the practical aspects of modern life.

Having handled many such cases, the observation is that many of the natives insulate themselves and center their entire focus on something which they do not have for a long time - either through conditioning of the external environment or due to some childhood trauma which prevails in the subconscious mind. Repetitive thoughts take control, missing out on all the positive magical things which are happening around which go unnoticed.

Our remedies are practical and aligned with the lifestyle of the native. It does not interfere with their faith or religion. Science is independent of religion or one’s faith. Energy is a universal entity. Over the course of consultations and wellness journeys, we have tailored easy and practical methods to assist anyone facing such focus issues or anxiety challenges in considerably reducing the impacts of depression. Each native is unique but energy is consistent – aligning the right balance with the natal chart of the native is the key to remedies in Vedic astrology. We serve with humility and the universe responds based on the level of efforts put in by the native. Our clients have experienced magic but be mindful that for magic to happen one needs to trust the universal magic – a transactional approach is not recommended for such matters.

Vedic astrology remedies for anxiety and depression

  1. Save food and water - wastage is a typical manifestation in such cases.

  2. Breathe and thank the universe for what one has achieved or been blessed with. Waking up today is a magic but taken for granted. Gratitude is a great motivator and activation of positive thoughts.

  3. Make the right friends – focus on quality and not quantity.

  4. Plant a tree. We are happiest when we are useful to others. Our problems start going away when we start solving other’s challenges.

We at Astrosmiles, serve with humility and align the star within You. Targeted remedies are suggested depending on the natal chart but even the Vedic astrology remedies suggested above will give you dividends of happiness and health.

Please do share your feedback on the magic you experienced once you performed these remedies.

  • If you’d like a consultation for yourself or someone in need of our assistance then please reach out to or contact us (WhatsApp) +6587277684.

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