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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

One piece of advise which every parent gives her or his child is to ensure that they stay in the company of responsible friends and in turn behave responsibly during their growing up years. It may seem a very simple piece of guidance but within it is stored the key to solving the challenges that many people face when they turn into adults, giving the same advise to their children though not applying it to themselves. In the corporate world, people seem to judge you by the kind of people you eat with - in the world of karma, one can see the future of a person with the kind of friends he/ she has at any stage of their life.

Moon is the significator of the mind and the Martian and Venetian energies are the significator of friends and relationships. In turn, Mars and Venus are significators of health and healing too ( there are a bunch of others but keeping it simple here). All the energies in balance is what one strives (or should try) to achieve in this lifetime and the past ones.

In the cases of mental anxiety or in scenarios of depression, the one common element which emerges during my consultations is really the lack of relationships and friends in the native's life. The innocence of those friendships while growing up are lost somewhere after the age of 28 -30 in most of those cases. People either stop making friends or they lose touch with even the closest ones. The frequency of making friends reduces as most people age. It is understandable,given the load of responsibilities and efforts of the everyday routine.

Then there are some of the natives who are facing challenging situations yet very positive in their life i.e. even if they have lost many things in their life, the spirit of innocence and the support of friends in their life sustain every pressure and helps them succeed. Their mind (Moon) is balanced to handle those ups and downs since their friends are supporting them. Both parties have invested good karma in building and maintaining those relationships.

No event happens in isolation in this universe. While people are talking about connected cars, vacuum cleaners and what not, the real connections are established by the Creator eternally and forever.

There will always be challenges of some kind for everyone in their life but only those who are blessed to have friends ( and I do not mean the 3000 + connections on any social media platform) for support in the darkest hours of their life will be able to handle any sort of challenge. So pick up the phone - not for the Whatsapp message or aimless browsing but to connect with those set of friends or even that friend who has no bias towards what you are but only concerned about the well-being of who you truly are. It is that innocence of friendship which is the biggest blessing that differentiates a person who is anxious about losing the race v/s the one who wins the race despite the anxiety because there is a friend at the finish line cheering for him/her.

If you have such a friend then express gratitude to the universe and develop this habit in the next generation as the mind is the most interconnected computer and if any virus enters this computer then the only anti-virus is that friend who can erase any viruses in the hard drive of this life.

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