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Food for thought

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

or thoughts from food?

In the animal kingdom, life revolves around two actions - great food and great sleep everyday. Humans started this journey with a similar approach but many lost their way in the name of evolution.

Food is the essence of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Moon signifies food and also signifies the mind, ergo the term"food for thought". None of the rajyogas(strong planetary combinations) can bear fruit in a horoscope if the Moon is weak. There is good news though - one can improve the strength of the Moon's energy in one's life. Intrigued?

Food unites families and families who don't eat together struggle to find common ground. Across the globe, all festivals and ceremonies are consummated by breaking bread together and feeding the hungry guests is considered Godliness in most of humanity.

It is interesting to hear people always craving for home-cooked food or a particular uncle/aunt's cooking being remembered for years. The ingredients are the same but what is it that changes the flavour? yes, you guessed it ... its the emotion.

In my family, if someone is angry for whatever reason (bad day, fight with the neighbour or just a moodswing maybe), he/she isn't allowed to step into the kitchen and cook. If you eat food from the hands of an angry person, guess what emotion will you be generating through the day?

The quality of your mind depends on how much the food thinks about you.The same ingredients can produce creativity in one mind and acidity in the other. Those who have a balanced moon will always have a balanced diet, they will respect the food and give it due importance - for what are you working your "mind" off anyway? ( no pun intended:)).

How would you feel if you spent hours on a hot plate or being cut by a knife only to find that all the effort you went through wasn't even acknowledged by the person for whom you sacrificed ? Don't know about you but my vote is pretty clear.

Spiritual well-being cannot be experienced if you are not well-fed. Thoughts will not flow in a body with friction. Ever seen a child who has just had a great meal? The kid is full of life and spirituality since the focus is only to enjoy the meal - the food in-turn enjoys the respect and reciprocates. As the kids grow up, distractions become the attraction and the main protagonist in the act of eating is forgotten. Food is the root of our well-being and deserves undivided attention.

Mental well-being is sometimes defined as development of a "sharp mind". Problem solving, decision making and analytical abilities are high in children who eat well. The rules are no different for adults. The kind of food you eat and the way you eat makes an everlasting impact on your body and next generations to follow.

In my consultations, changing certain elements of diet in daily routines have resulted in better relationships, sound sleep and the ever so important issue in life for most people - money. Oh maybe I forgot to mention - Moon also signifies liquid cash - now you are interested eh?

Food and water wastage is one of the cardinal sins which has no remedies in this life or next. My own observation is that the day one stops wasting food, thoughts get uplifted. Its never too late in life to start.

Hope you resolve to have that family dinner with your loved ones and share thoughts of well-being with each other. And yes, the Moon is watching you.

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