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Our goal at Astrosmiles is to help our readers and clients chart out the right balance sheets of the business of life. There are times when every business is tested but with the right strategy and unified action, any company can withstand the storm of the marketplace.

In the Universe Inc, each soul is an entrepreneurial venture contributing towards the GDP of its parent company. Karmic debt is an indicator of the health of the organization. It is a highly sophisticated surveillance system where you cannot see the cameras but the Time is watching and keeping track of every act.

Organizations with regular accounting audits always have a handle on any course correction but there are times when the accounting audits reveal karmic bankruptcy as those ventures may not have the right principles towards the market. Well governed ventures will strive towards the positive metrics basis of which the goodwill in the market will increase for these souls. Business will grow, debt will decrease and profits will prevail.

No matter what is the size or how successful the venture claims to be, it is still under debt. This debt is of Mother Nature. The nature's blessings of oxygen, water, food and abundance is something which one can never repay in full. One can only express gratitude towards Mother Nature by being a more aware contributor of this collective consciousness.

If however , you are in debt in the illusionary world of humans and are struggling to repay the debts then this article may help you with the activations. One goes into debt when the venture draws down more from the source than what they are supposed to be using. It is a gross miscalculation and sometimes even greed powered with laziness that leads an individual to such a negative balance sheet of life.

In such situations, I have observed that the downward spiral multiplies very quickly. Challenges of financial health and well-being creep up when there is a debt owed to nature and the Bank of Universe has had enough with the defaulter. This Bank is however a very benevolent Not for profit organization and allows equal opportunity for every soul to demonstrate its love and correct its course.

The golden rule for anyone in debt at an individual level is to help Mother Nature and do something for the masses which cuts your debt in buckets. These are tried and tested activations for anyone looking to reduce their student loan or home mortgage or even health issues or any sort of disappointments weighing you down in life. These are some actions( but not limited to and in no particular order) well within your control to reduce your debt towards Universe Inc.

  1. Plant as many trees as you can and involve your family in doing so. If you cannot plant them and are very busy then donate to charities which can take care of those Givers sustaining this planet. (see links below and suggested read: A Deep Rooted Connection)

  2. Stop meat intake and stop the killing of animals. You will become what you eat.

  3. Reduce the food and water wastage at home and your neighbourhood.( suggested read : Food for Thought )

  4. Say No to plastic and to those companies exploiting nature, animal and human rights.

Suggested charities to plant trees ( again, you can choose your own or leave a comment to suggest those you'd like to support).

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