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My meditation journeys continue across borders to connect with friends and clients through the power of thought. These friends are not just humans but also other living beings as thoughts travel beyond the known and the unknown.

Every day on my way back from the Gurudwara, I meet these friends and we literally break bread together. Over time, patterns emerged and I realised the amazing qualities of my friends.

Last week, while the birds were busy eating the goodies , I had a great opportunity to converse with them and observe facets of their life which I learnt so much from.

If one can apply these aspects in everyday routine, it can totally transform the thought process and who knows, one could even fly like the birds.

1. Awareness level:  Present in the moment and have a deep intuitive awareness of danger and love. 

2. Eat fresh food and only what you need: one of the main reasons that their awareness level is at envious levels is the amount and the kind of food they eat. Spending time in nature and eating only what is needed (no hoarding) builds agility. A balanced diet keeps them flexible, alert and always active. 

3. Care for the clan and community: Somehow, there is a code within the flock to organize themselves and ensure a few of the birds are always guarding the ones who are eating, those who have had a sumptuous meal will then move outwards and the erstwhile guards will enjoy the meal. 

4. Take regular breaks: Exercise and work hard but surely take breaks regularly to keep the balance in the day. 

5. Partnership matters: Operate well as a team and work for the betterment of each other. 

6. Surround self with the right company : Birds are amazing at sensing danger and negative energies. The moment they see malicious intent, they don't engage and just fly away. 

7. Move on when it is time: Birds do not cling. The moment they see that their job is done, they move on and do not look back. Enjoying the ride and learning from their experiences, they keep the positives and let go of the negative.

8. Take the plunge and spread your wings:  Once committed, the birds just go for it. The journey of life is no different - when there is darkness, the only wings you need is trust on the Creator and the rest is sorted out for you. 

The moment doubt creeps in, it is advisable to think about the lessons from the little birdy.

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