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2020 friendships

Don't take it too seriously!

Planetary #friendships continue to be tested during #2020. Out here on #Earth, it is no different when it comes to countries and individuals.

Personally, 2020 transformed my #focus towards #life and brought out a completely new perspective of what a purposeful day entails. The intuition improved, meditation removed the friction and with it came the observations of removing myself from the frame to enjoy the moment.

Having been out of the Monday morning forecast calls for 9 months and pursuing a different path ( in which a few months I was totally off the grid), there have been some fun moments which are worth sharing. "Friends" showed up in different forms and was really a fun time with each of them. I did scare of lot of people with my new "avatar"(yet again branded by one of the friends) so I can understand that it may have been a huge shock for some.

Any resemblance with actual people is totally coincidental :) ... enjoy!

Misery seeker - He will remind you of all the miseries you will go through if you do not have a job. It is as if he is confirming something to himself.

Your Future planner - very concerned - you not working in a job everyday will give him goosebumps. I politely assured him that I will call him when school fee is due for the kids.

The Condescending one - if you write a book, they will ask you a question - so how's work? You ask them what they did during the day - the answer is simple - conference calls.

The Gossip King/ Queen - has all the stories of your life even without speaking with you :) .. despite the Coronavirus challenges, he manages to spread the rumours about you even before any circuit breakers can be imposed.

LinkedIn stalker - will check everything in your profile, copy your tag line, tweak it a bit and then close his eyes thinking you wouldn't notice. Will never like your posts but you'll stumble on your own content in his social circle.

The Self Motivator - wants to speak with you to assess a question that haunts him - "should I quit my job or not?" if you sound happy then he will consider it, if you don't then he will assure himself that he is on the right path else he will end up like you!

The True friend ( the top dog!) - may not speak with you much but thoughts travel, accepts you the way you are, offers a helping hand when needed and encourages you to go for Gold.

If you’d like to share your fun stories and more interesting friendships, please like, subscribe, share this article. If you'd like a consultation to handle all kinds of friends through #astrology and #wellness, please reach out. A new approach of 12 questions per year has also been launched to help you cover your journey - Check it out here. Checkout my ebook Being Hanuman.

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