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Awakening through sleep

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Sleep Over It.

#Sleep is a lot like #love - means different things for different people and generates a different emotion in nostalgic moments of the day for each of us. Love and sleep are effective only when they bring out the best in us. If not, then both of them become an unfulfilled desire and discussed over a glass of wine ( or honey water) in a depressing tone. An integral part of our well-being yet taken for granted by many of us. Before you get all excited and use this blog as an excuse to go into deep slumber, please read along :).

The holy books like the Bhagavad Geeta talk about three types of qualities: Tamasik, Rajasik and Satvik. The categorisation is more to do with food ( and humans) but very much applicable to sleep as well.

The Tamasik sleeper: will not read beyond this paragraph and justify all reasons on why being lazy is the best way of life. He lives to sleep. Good luck to you mate! and come back when you wake up again! :)

The Rajasik sleeper: will be stressed about his actions and desires - probably the last thing he does before sleeping is to check his emails and messages while his kids are probably hugging him. He forgets to kiss his wife and kids goodnight. Sleep is a ritual and nothing else for him. On waking up, he forgets to thank the universe, wish everyone in the family and then hides behind the laptop waiting for moksha! This person will find all the excuses on why he is stressed but not look within. You ask the reason for stress and the finger is always pointed towards everyone except himself. He really needs to wake up before he goes to sleep ( pun intended :)).

The Satvik Sleeper: he recounts the day and actions taken towards his goal and universal well-being. He is not afraid to sacrifice his sleep for the greater good but efficiently plans the day to ensure sleep is not neglected. Sleep is a rejuvenation of thought and action for him. It is not a chore but a choice exercised to bring out the best in him.

There are several techniques of well-being that you can adopt in your journey towards being the Satvik Sleeper.

  • Become the Monica Geller of Friends:

Keep your bedroom clean and remove all heavy electronics, wires and battery banks. (Psst : do not forget to clean the storage under the bed to be organised and please for your own sake, do not eat food on the bed. There are several reasons for it but best explained in a 1:1 consultation. If you think otherwise, then surely you can start sleeping in the dining room :)).

  • Renounce the virtual world for an hour:

An hour before sleep and an hour after waking up, avoid looking at your phones and laptops. Set your goals in the morning and recount at least 3 actions taken in the day to achieve those goals. These are not your to-do list but purposeful goals to drive deeper fulfilment in life.

Sleep is a symbol of #hope - how else can you guarantee that you will wake up next day? Procrastinating and thinking about those emails or any other conflicts, will leave you high and dry! Go for the Gold in your life NOW and renounce the virtual world for at least 1 hour a day before sleeping. (Your family and friends will love you for this and you will get some great ideas about your next day too!)

  • Make your own bed

When you wake up, after thanking the universe, please make your bed. It is a small act yet forgotten by most. It is an energy you do not want to lose. This one small act can make you disciplined like no other.

  • Quality over quantity

There are various stories of how many hours you should sleep for but the process can never outscore the purpose. Realising your purpose will lead towards a restful sleep and you will look forward to the next day with gratitude and orientation. That in itself will be the first step towards awakening.

If you'd like to add more ways towards being a Satvik Sleeper then please feel free to comment, like, share this article and engage others. If you'd like a consultation to awaken the Satva within you through #astrology and #wellness, please reach out

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Hi Amit, very good article dear. We really forget the purpose and meaning of sleep in today materialistic world full of electronic gadgets. It's a nice idea to isolate urself at least an hour before and after sleep. Also I like to add that we must be thankful to God in the end of day and start of day. The more we would be great full to God we would be more nearer to him.

Mi piace
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