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I'm on a mission to enable people discover their best potential by leveraging my learnings in astrology and motivational behaviour applied in practical ways. Astrology is a pious science to help one understand the purpose and messages of the universe. Planets do not come to trouble us, they come to change us. My consultations have made positive changes in people's lives to handle career, relationship and self development initiatives. Astrology is not a remedy science - it is a scientific approach towards well-being.


Planetary remedies with personality improvement is a key foundation of Astrosmiles consultations. Planets are always changing but are you keeping pace with those changes? Change before the planets change you. Past and future predictions based on vedic astrology form the basis of your next steps towards realisation and practical remedies. Aligning the right energy balance for your life journey is the focus of your wellness! Life is all about living and all remedies and predictions are based on karmic changes needed to achieve one’s success.My hope is that once you have discovered your own well-being, you will think about the universal well-being of all. 
Life unfolded in many ways across my professional and personal interests. While I was climbing the corporate ladder, I continued to pursue my interest in astrology from an early age. Its fascinating to apply various effective techniques that enable you to grasp the challenges and opportunities life offers to ultimately connect you with the source energy of the Creator.


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