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The universe said "Really"?

Last few months, a lot of readings have effectively answered this question for natives who were facing some sort of challenges related to health, wealth, unemployment or relationships.

At Astrosmiles, our goal is to help our clients understand the reason why they are suffering - why they got cheated, why they suffered any sort of loss, why they are facing troubles and why they are in the mode of Why Me?

The secret is not anywhere outside the horoscope but within this life cycle and of course in the past. Predictive astrology is all about understanding patterns of behavior and karmic actions. If you think that you are suffering due to anyone's karma (actions) then the illusion is about to dash.

What is Karma?

Every act from moving our eyelids to serving someone is an action which generates a reaction from the universe. Karma is not our profession or occupation but our thoughts at a subconscious level and our actions at the conscious level. Observe yourself on a day when your thoughts are positive, positive actions will follow and conversely on a day when negative thoughts prevail, negative karma manifests . Life is a combination of such thoughts and actions leading to the purpose of this being.

So how can Astrosmiles help?

Our approach to identify the karmic patterns of the lineage and the self help the native to understand which actions to correct and then the remedies turn into activations towards a corrective course of life. The solution lies within the problem itself but the human mind is unable to comprehend it most of the times.

Astrology is the science to understand the journey of the soul and the physical being. The soul does not have a religion, gender or race. It is independent and so is the science of astrology - our clients are from all walks of the society. Predictive astrology helps one plan for ups and downs, days when the winds are in favor as well as the rainy days, check the actions and define a broad roadmap for the soul's journey through this life. It is one of the ways to drive your soul towards the maximum potential in this physical being.

If companies are mining your information and using that information to help you "decide" what you buy next based on your behavior - be mindful that this data science was written thousands of years ago - just got exploited over time and people conveniently laughed at it to hide their own actions. From your name to the planets rising in your chart, everything gives away the deepest patterns coupled with the planetary transits every second.

Planets show up in different forms and beings in our life to take the debt from us. If we are aware of our being then we will be able to overcome that debt and achieve our goals and purpose of this journey. With every breath we can make our actions count towards our individual well-being and eventually the well-being of the community, society and the world.

What is negative karma and how does it manifest?

Challenges manifest from the smallest act of fighting with your neighbor, cutting a tree, cheating the Government in taxes to the more chronic acts of racism, sexism and abuse within the family to name a few. Our Wellness Journeys are aligned to help clients identify those patterns and break the cycles as these will not stop at the native and continue to the next generation if not resolved. The curses carry forward and manifest in many different ways.

Astrosmiles Wellness Journeys are not just about astrology remedies but to drive a better way of living and understanding our actions. It is about helping the native derive the best potential assigned to them by the cosmos through everyday practical activations and an approach combining the traditional knowledge in these modern times.

Those who have taken the first step have seen the value and are experiencing change in their lives. They have moved from an approach of "Why Me"? towards "Try Me".

While we are aware that people are shy to accept it openly , we continue to put ourselves out there for anyone who feels that they need help from Astrosmiles. After all, if it is in my karma to help you move forward, the universe will connect us.

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