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This dark night, remove the darkness in lives of the wounded Horses.

Once upon a time, there were kings who would give their able warriors, horses to ride. The best warriors and advisors would be given the best horses to ensure they are protected. The protectors are the critical resource of any society as their well-being is essential for the progress of the society they serve. It is a huge responsibility to be given a horse to ride by the King.

The ultimate King - The Sun- rides a chariot with 7 horses for the same reason. In all of Jyotish, the ultimate King is the Soul - neither can it be destroyed nor be killed but only transferred from one body to another. In olden times, people would conduct rituals and prayers to prepare the body to receive an able soul to be conceived in the body. It was a matter of honour to conceive a child who would ride the horse of right karma and protect the society. An honour to have a child who lays his or her life towards the service of his fellow citizens was the wish of every parent.

The society today is in need of such able horsemen and horsewomen to protect the masses from negative thoughts and devilish forces within. Across my consultations, common patterns emerge with most horse riders who have just been concerned about their armour, their family, their horse, their resources and their life. They do not realize that all these blessings were given to them by the Ultimate King to serve a different purpose. The horse is taken away eventually and given to someone else as they are stuck within themselves.

Many people that I called during the past weeks were left wondering about why an unknown person is even trying to help them. Such is the society we live in that people praise a brother when he helps his sister or a wife takes care of her Mother-in-Law or a sister looks after her brother. Isn't this what we try to teach our kids today so why is it a glamourous achievement in adulthood?

While everyone wants their child to be a good Samaritan, such acts are made to look like trophies - instead of glamourizing it, what is important to understand that it is the responsibility which comes with the Horse given to that body. Many people tested negative in their COVID tests by practicing certain exercises for the Horse. The body took commands from the Horse and the Horse Power grew. It is now up to them on how they treat their Horse as they move ahead in their journey.

You could get any armour in this life which you think you didn't choose to be born in but certainly the horse you got was the same breed as others when you entered the womb. The accessories do not define the Horse. The Horse Power defines the Horse. Which terrain you choose to ride the Horse, the other Horses that it rides with and how frequently the Horse is given rest to visualize the next journey defines the consistency and discipline of the Horse.

During this time, invoking the Horse Power of the Soul is more important than ever - it is up to the self to choose the terrain you ride. It is up to the self to decide whether they will look at their own armour or protect those who have none. It is a time to choose what value one assigns to the purpose of the Horse Power that one generates.

11th May is a dark night. Dark nights occur to remind us that even the most luminated source can get affected now and then. The World needs Horse Riders. During these nights, it is time to give power to all those Horses which are protecting you, your loved ones and even your ancestors - you never know that your ancestor could be in your neighborhood in a new body or oceans across in another country - as your Horse Power grows, your loved ones start extending beyond your immediate family that you are born in and goes beyond borders and manifestations of physical limitations.

Whichever religion or faith you follow or even if you do not follow anything - do something on 11th May for the Horse that you are blessed with. Use its power to help someone, you could donate food to an orphanage, old age home, place of worship or anywhere you feel that your Horse will get satisfaction from.

If you want to continuously ride a Horse who gets fed by villages it gallops across and never ever have to worry about the unknown terrains that the Horse may have to travel - then help the Unknown with your Horse.

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Manjeet Kumar
Manjeet Kumar
May 08, 2021

Excellent Amit

Amit Mehta
Amit Mehta
May 08, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much

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