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Tippy Tippy Tap

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

which colour do you want?

Colours are Creator's way of empowering energy sources. For time immemorial, the colour activations have been used to attract and trigger energy points. In Vedic texts, every deity is signified with a certain colour which in-turn impacts our body, environment and how others receive your "vibes". Reverse engineering this same pattern, one can invoke energies to maintain a balance in life.

There is a reason why your choices of colours may change with time. Subconsciously, your brain triggers the mood and physical action manifests. Think of it like a game of Tippy tippy tap (don't tell me you haven't played it in childhood - try it -its a fun game with kids and adults) - whatever colour you are thinking about shows up and you are happy.

Men have generally complained about the lack of choices in their wardrobe - either Blues or Blacks ( at least 80% of the men i know end up with those colours) while the women end up with a greater variety. No wonder that the versatility of women is way higher than that of men as women open themselves to more choices - yes colour choices can make a huge impact on your everyday balance! (try it and give me your feedback) - not just your tee-shirts or jackets but even the colour of your reading glasses, caps, socks and shoes have an impact on your everyday decisions.

As a first step, try the coloured t-shirts/ jackets( depending on what part of the hemisphere you are at) to help you pepped up during this tough time.

  1. Monday - White - represents the moon, peace and serenity.

  2. Tuesday - Red - represents Mars, passion, the will to get things done.

  3. Wednesday - Green- represents Mercury, knowledge and curiosity to clarify things.

  4. Thursday - Saffron / yellow - represents Jupiter, wisdom, higher learnings and Guru.

  5. Friday - Grey / shades of white - represents Venus, love, conveniences, resources

  6. Saturday - Light shades - if you are in the mood for high energy then try blue/black - represents Saturn/Rahu (north node of moon), karma, the expansive blue sky, amplification of efforts.

  7. Sunday - Red/orange - represents the Sun, kingly, fairness and equanimity.

Ensure that your clothes are ironed well and not having any wrinkles. They will pass that energy to you so please be kind to your clothes and ensure your wardrobes are not messy.

There are many such techniques which I recommend to my clients during the consultations to ensure the right energy balance.

Hope you tap on the right colours of your life and spread the brightness in other's life too.

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1 Comment

Hey thanks Amit for sharing the days wise color scheme. Definitely color has a significant impact on your confidence. You always feel good and confident in your favorite color.

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