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All beings have an element of Water, Fire, Ether, Air, and Earth in themselves along with the colors of all energies. This Sunday is the festival of Holi. It is not just limited to being a Hindu festival but has a deeper significance for each being.

The Sun is in Pisces along with the Venus while Mars-Rahu conjunction has ensured that some sort of challenge is faced by each of us in the past one month - whether it was a visit to the hospital, car troubles or verbal disputes in the family. The king (Sun) is ready to move into its sign of high energy - Aries but first it expects support from every person who derives energy from the Sun.

For the Sun( king of discipline) to perform, it expects the beings to let go of the feeling of loss and the illusions. To let go one negative trait on this day will energize the self to put more efforts and service to others to give you the results when Sun moves into Aries. Also, it is a full moon night so the Moon is also watching your act.

Though Holi is well known as the festival of colors, this celebration is the second step - the first step is to burn the negative energy within. Sun in Pisces is in a state of isolation and drives the mind towards introspection.

So here is what you can do in your own way to avail the benefits of this Holi-day -

Become disciplined about 1 principle everyday. This could be one act of service to others, one act of taking care of your body and mind, one act of helping orphans, one act of planting trees or one act of reading meaningful text, one act of eating a meal with the family, one act of standing up for a cause...….. one act of connecting with the source.

The source is boundless so if you are not able to even do one act then surely the heat of the Sun in Aries will turn difficult to handle. Life is colorful if you allow the colors to enter the canvas.

If you have a job issue, depression / anxiety or any challenges, try to give away and let go on this full moon night of the 28th March. Whichever religion / spiritual belief you may follow, give something out - does not necessarily have to be money / food but it works at a much deeper sub-conscious level - Let that negativity go.

Experience the change in upcoming days and truly the colors of Holi will manifest in your life. The higher journey of the soul kicks off with the sacrifice of the Sun.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy Holi. May the Soul connect with the ultimate for now and forever. Do like, subscribe and comment to spread the positive thoughts. Let us know the feedback in a few days after you have performed this remedy on the Holi.

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