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The magical remedy to achieve your full potential

For the past many months, we have dealt with cases of depression, suicidal tendency, laziness, career change, relationships, health, inheritance and legal challenges to name a few. All cases had one common challenge - the first step. Thanks to Lord Shiva's blessings, our clients are experiencing the benefits of this beautiful energy principle called astrology.

Today and forever, there can be no price for peace of mind and happiness. Happiness is not an achievement but a state of being. Take for example, someone who is unable to wake up on time - it is essentially the state of mind telling the body that there is nothing exciting that will happen the next day. The world calls such people lazy but this native is not even aware of his or her laziness - why? The mind and the soul are not aligned. Until the soul is aligned with the mind, there can never be reform. When the Government is aligned with masses then the reform happens - until then it is just quick fix governance. At a mortal human level, it is no different. Alignment with the cosmos requires reform of the self and not the cosmos. The cosmos is what it is and will remain to be. The Sun continues to fire up itself everyday - only those who know how to tap into the energy source shall see the light. The rest will only feel the heat.

The alignment of the soul and the mind is essential to discover and understand purpose. Trust is essential for this alignment. Understanding the reason on why one is suffering is a layer by layer analysis of actions of lineage and the self.

But the question is trust on whom? Ask a person who has had a bad relationship - this native will isolate from everyone else thinking that the trust is something that they will get from others. You get what your energy is. Astrology is a science misinterpreted by many and hence the trust erodes. The truth is that your astrology reading is based on the level of trust that your energy exhales. Great advisors are available for great Kings & Queens only. King and Queen never complains and thinks of others.

Coming back to the trust on the cosmos - try this exercise today and give us your feedback. Close your eyes and forgive the person who has cheated you the most - be it at the workplace or in your family or business. Look at a tree around you and imagine that you are speaking to that person - with your deepest humility say that you forgive that person and truly mean it without any vengeance and feeling of betrayal. Get back to me in 7 days and tell me if you experienced a response from this cosmos in your life.

Experience true astrology and the power of the cosmos. You do not have to speak to anyone to trust the cosmos - it works without any of us. The energy sources continue to give out energy but are you ready? Recently, a client of mine confirmed that she now understands what it meant for her to visit a particular energy source that was recommended to her along with a specific karmic action change in her subconscious reaction to external stimulation.

From a point where she was being challenged at her workplace, she was given a rating which she was highly satisfied with. It was her openness to change those elements about what the chart showed. There are many such amazing experiences which we constantly get from our clients who are in the process of taking the next step after the first.

The true reason that astrology was coded by the sages was to ensure that those who are truly connected and deserving to understand the energy principles decode it and bring change for the better. It was never meant for the people consumed within the self but for those with the Kingly qualities of serving their people. The true art of war is to win a war without bloodshed by making the right strategic moves to win over the inner conflicts.

Many of our clients are now on our Wellness Journey but this program is only by invite as we are selective in our approach about which clients are truly putting efforts in reforming themselves.

Knowledge is a responsibility and not a privilege. The first step to seek is the most difficult but those who seek shall eventually succeed to set out on their path and clear the challenges which their own mind has created around the soul. A challenging dasha ( time period) in life is the best opportunity to bring about a transformation - it is the cosmos telling the native that it is time to change and grow. Something was missed by the native in his/ her own actions which is now demanded by the cosmos. All it asks you is Are you ready?

Take the first step - the cosmos awaits Kings and Queens to serve the higher purpose. You can either enter the field and play or stand by and clap for the players in the middle. None of these two positions is wrong but a wasted talent on the sidelines is a disservice to this beautiful cosmos. Change awaits you.

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  • We only do free consultations for special needs children and special cases who cannot afford to pay. For everyone else, healing your own karmas is worth the investment.

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  • To ensure quality and focus, Astrosmiles Wellness Journeys covering pending karma corrections and mental health cases are by invite only.

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