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What is the most important event for a new start?... An end!

The quest for new frontiers drove inventors and explorers to overcome their deepest fears. The ending of fear was what set them apart from the mortals. Life starts with an end. For a baby to start a new journey, the umbilical cord is cut off from the comfortable womb where the child learns the most basic lessons before entering the karmic zone. Once the lesson is learnt and it is ready to enter the world, the cord is cut to give way to a new life (the higher plane of Martian energy is also focused incision to protect and give life).

Mars enters Aries today. Just after the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21 December 2020 where the significator of principles and karma discussed the detailed account of the solar system, the move of Mars is a clear indicator of the changing energies. It is never a single planet which makes a huge difference in a transformation but a combination of the constitution of energies. A bouquet of actions is needed to make a fragrant life experience.

The human mind is always looking for an outcome but more often than not misses the process involved which is where surprises( or shocks for some) crop up. If the planet has the work of helping you win over enemies ( metaphorical or literal) then the enemies need to be brought in your life first and then give you the lessons to overcome and handle those conflicts. Batman wouldn't be Batman without the Riddler :), Rama wouldn't be Rama without Ravana! Without competition, you wouldn't be a winner. Mars is regarded as the most brutal energies if not contained or channelized. Rama found Hanuman (also signified by Mars) and won the war but the same energy not channelized can wreck the ship.

2020 is ending with Mars entering Aries with a clear agenda. It marks the beginnings for many of you but the ones disciplined enough to act everyday will see the maximum benefits of the amazing force guided by other cosmic forces. Survival is the first objective of a soldier to ultimately win against the aggressors. A focused and dedicated effort towards a common goal will steer the community away from challenges.

The question is whether one is willing to end the self imposed boundaries and enter the karmic battlefield ? Hope you break the boundaries.

Wishing you and yours a very prosperous 2021 full of new beginnings.

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