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Spiritual not Religious!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

the modern day dilemma or the future religion?

Globalisation has not only affected the physical dimensions but the unknown realms, both at an individual and a collective consciousness level. The tipping point for each soul in the house called body is different. #Trust is the only navigation tool in new and unknown journeys - even trained pilots would agree with it else why would they "hope" to have a nice flight despite all of the instrumentation controls and support?

An experiential journey being justified with logic has been the root cause of unawareness for centuries. All religions were means to provide the pathways of Trust but somehow the ritualistic elements were seen as impediments by the new age "bodies".

The souls being formless and flexible adapt ways to drive the body towards its purpose but then the mind imposes a tax enroute the destination. Languages changed hands, interpretations changed meaning but the soul remained constant.

The world is a dynamic hotpot of cultures and opinions today. #Diversity is great for the experiences but education systems across the globe forgot a key formative subject - spiritual happiness. Event based happiness and achievements are to be celebrated but are they worth the pedestal provided by humanity?

Suicide rates, anxiety attacks, drug abuse and depression have been at its peak since at least last two decades. Including spiritual happiness in our education system would surely help our next generations to handle this subject with lesser ambivalence than prevalent today.

#Spirituality is the basis of all religions and taking care of the body, mind and soul is the premise of all religions. While some may find purpose through the "ritualistic" religious routines, the question one needs to at least answer is whether the soul is well fed or not?

Likewise, religious experts may find the spiritual path chosen by the "non-believers" to be unacceptable but the soulful remedies prevail towards the purpose. There is a saying in Vedic tradition - to become a #Maharaja, one needs to be a Raja first! i.e. it was the King who would leave everything to eventually become the #Emperor via Sanyas (renunciation). #Buddha

Whether you are spiritually #religious or religiously #spiritual, as long as you are taking one action in the day to feed your soul's #purpose, you will eventually move towards #awareness.

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1 Comment

Hi Amit, as we know that all religion or believe in God leads to only one way but the rituals are different. Today's problem is rituals becomes more important than end goal. So rightly said being religiously spritual or spiritually religious doesn't matter if you u are taking action to feed the soul's purpose, because the soul don't lie and it would lead you to right way.

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