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The Bhagawad states that War is the best stage and an opportunity for a warrior to redeem the self. It is not the physical war always but the war within. The sages coded everything thousands of years ago to ensure that the knowledge was received by those who were open enough to receive it and transcend it further. The seers were accessible to the Kings to ensure the King follows the principles of governance towards the well-being of the people.

Karma theory prevails across time. There is no death or birth but only transcendence of karma. Those who understand this basic irony of what we call life are never afraid of moving ahead everyday as they trust the universe that there is a plan for them within the cosmic realms even though they may not see it consciously. A span of even 120 years is a very short span in the cosmic realms.

Karmic patterns run across generations and the most difficult tests of life (not necessarily in the negative aspect) show up to test the being even though they may seem negative at that instant due to desires. For example, a person who may be born in a particular city and be very attached to the parental home may have to leave the motherland or a person who wants to leave a country may never be able to - the day the soul aligns with the mind, the purpose emerges and there is peace within.

The peace does not mean that one accepts a losing hand but a conscious awakening to work towards a purposeful goal with preparation than a desire out of greed or peer pressure or any sort of social pressure. Doing the right thing when nobody is on your head with deadlines is the key to a disciplined positive mindset.

The question is how does one tap into the ever expanding consciousness and improve everyday. Raising the bar of consciousness and the self is not an easy assignment. No matter who you are, the moment you raise that bar, be assured that you will have a change in circle of energies - some friends which you have may not connect with you or you may not connect with them as the energy has changed at one end.

Try these simple things in everyday life to experience the nuances of raising the bar over a 21 day period.

  1. Keep that phone away from your bed. Wake up to the Sun and your loved ones. Do not take that phone with you in the bathroom - you are sure to get stress( and some skin diseases) over a time period when you do it as it mixes the wrong energies.

  2. Make your bed before you go go! The bed does swear at you and ensures your sleep patterns get hit in the long run if you do not do so!

  3. Go for a walk early morning - one of the best remedies to ensure activation of the right energies is to connect with the nature. A gym can never match the trees and the fresh air.

  4. That cup of coffee or tea to be replaced with a fresh juice or honey water in the morning.

  5. Gratitude - the fact that you got up and can breathe and see and feel a new day! In the Gurbaani it says that you got 11 things and didn't get that 12th thing and you make that 12th thing an object of dissatisfaction towards the universe. Be thankful for what you have and work towards what you do not. Do not complain!

  6. Get the negative news and negative thoughts out of your head. I have watched only one movie( that too my favourite movie) in the past 18 months and trust me I haven't missed out much of the nonsense that the social media and companies make you watch.

  7. Make your own path and focus on it.

  8. Take up a cause which is beyond you and your family i.e. help some being who can never help you back or pay you back.

When you raise the bar, then get in the habit of raising it further, learn something new everyday and do an act which satisfies your soul. You will only meet people who get attracted to your energy and as your energy bar raises, you will realize that you are not meeting some people you used to and become more effective during the day.

On a lighter note, those who were meeting you at the bar and only meet you because of the bar were not going to sustain the test of friendship anyway so have no regrets. Go ahead and raise the bar literally :) !

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