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Throughout my career, I have and will always promote team members to take initiative and even if it fails, so be it - a person who tries is the one who makes mistakes else there are people just sitting and warming the cushions in the office. Like all things of cosmos, intent matters. Challenges are ways of the Creator to drive us towards a purposeful life.

The thoughts we send to the cosmos manifest in different ways. Planets come in the form of a friend, a phone call or a new relationship to help or to disrupt our ongoing flow. The energy balance is all it takes to manage the change.

Past few weeks, there have been multiple people that have been given predictions and activations to help them get support from themselves and the cosmos along with timing of changes around specific dates. Astrosmiles is helping out people who cannot afford to pay for the job change consultation but there have been requests from several corners to have a mechanism to help those who are already in the workforce to maintain and outgrow those roles.

On the pious occasion of Navratri upcoming in a few days, Astrosmiles is excited to launch a focused initiative around the job change consultations.

If you are facing challenges in the current job / looking for a change / looking to time your move or even want to initiate a new venture or liberate yourself from office politics and go solo then Astrosmiles can assist you in planning and activating this move.

This is a targeted consultation focused on job related matters only. If you are in need and cannot pay for the consultation due to financial constraints then please leave a comment on our LinkedIn page and we will reach out to you. For the Astrosmiles Job Change consultation, here is the link

If you have a friend or family member willing to receive, please do share this article with them.

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  • If you'd like a job change consultation to align your karma through #astrology or just send a thank you note or even a feedback, please reach out.

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1 Comment

Alok Joshi
Alok Joshi
Apr 09, 2021

Excellent initiative!!

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