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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Galactic forces are about to bring a change soon. Venus just changed signs, Mars is about to enter Aries and the Sun (the king) is about to take the throne in Leo. The north and the south node of the moon are heading for change in September and Saturn resumes direct motion in end of September. Change is on its way! New #beginnings, new #hopes and new #journeys are about to start. For new journeys to start, some old ones will end.

Currently, the positions of planets are driving each individual to think about the past and filter the unnecessary elements from their life - whether its an old habit, negative people or negative thoughts. Taking the positives from the past and ending the negativity is the key message this month. It is a great time to go within and resolve your inner demons.

If there is anything that 2020 has conveyed to each being, it is the value of time. Friends from the past reconnected, people started calling their parents everyday, some even introduced themselves to their neighbours after having lived there for years, the importance of health regained focus, introspection picked up and all the glamorous buildings lost their shine - #quality prevailed. Some countries are expecting divorce rates to go up while some are forecasting baby boom - time will tell.

On a personal front, 18 years ago, I joined my first job on this day and had no idea that 18 years later on the same day I would be starting a totally new chapter of my life. Time is an amazing vehicle if valued and driven at the right pace. It has been an amazing ride and from owning a manual gear car with my girlfriend in the co-driver seat, I moved onto driving an automatic car with the same girlfriend who took over the navigation of my family.

Great drivers know the value of every second. Every moment matters and it is up to the driver of the vehicle to enjoy the ride and make it a comfortable one for the co-passengers. Angry drivers will not only spoil the vehicle but also bad mouth the road. The road is the same for all but the driver changes the experience. New roads will demand focus, skill and patience but this road will lead to another.

Looking back on the time is a great way to measure the distance travelled but looking forward to create history is the lesson of the Creator. Hone your skills every minute, wear a seatbelt, trust your partner and friends, believe in the universe and set out on the course. If there is no map then be the one to create the map for others. #Time will remember and thank you for it.

If you'd like a consultation to navigate your road of life through #astrology and #wellness, please reach out. Checkout my ebook Being Hanuman . If you'd like to share your maps with others then please feel free to comment, like, share this article and engage others. Please share and provide feedback to encourage my writing.

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3 則留言

Onwards and upwards! Really like this one as it talks about the importance of taking a breath and gaining perspective


Alok Joshi
Alok Joshi

Every journey has seeds of inspiration for the next...lovely thoughts to take life forward from here..thanks for sharing.


Very well articulated Amit. 2020 is the reset year for the life. Many of old habits had dropped to replace the new one which are definitely the better one. Past journey of life teaches a lot and it's on individual how he perceive it and learn from past. Thanks for being the time anchor and inform about the planetary position changes about to happen. I hope and wish that it brings good health and happiness for mankind and people would start a better life than past.

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