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Magic happens to those who believe in magic. The true magic of Jyotish is realized by those who commit themselves to the universal energies. We are excited about the success of those who are experiencing change within and balancing it externally as a natural consequence.

Our Wellness Journey clients are experiencing the magic of the cosmos by applying the recommendations and practical aspects of making a better day. The Astrosmiles Wellness Journey is a program by invite only for clients who have shown considerable commitment to improve their life and value the power of guidance and advice.

Just as the bad habits have developed over time (whether consciously or subconsciously), the regeneration of good habits takes time and requires deep devotion. Immediate remedies will bring about a relief as it is a distribution of energy but permanent energy healing requires efforts and karmic change.

The mystery of life is understood in the seed of life itself. The past month was a great time to start those changes and those who have been in this program have started experiencing the magic - initiating corrections from litigation to employment to challenges in relationships.

Unlocking a chart is like a mystery in which the native itself leaves evidence through actions and defining moments of a particular time period. Different time periods require different levels of focus.

Once clients have experienced the magic of consistent invocation of certain energies, they reach a stage to be a part of our Wellness program. It is not for those natives who seek magic to work when they themselves are lazy and unwilling to change. It is a commitment from both parties and a journey in which we are together to remove obstacles in the path of the goals and fruits of life.

This is a time to initiate cleansing and planning forward. Reach out and experience the first step towards unlocking the dimensions of this magical life.

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  • If you'd like a consultation to catch the beats through #astrology and #wellness, or just send a thank you note or even a feedback, please reach out.

  • We only do free consultations for special needs children.

  • To invoke the spirit of service in you, order my eBook Being Hanuman

  • To ensure quality and focus, Astrosmiles Wellness Journeys covering pending karma corrections and mental health cases are by invite only.

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