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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Astro remedy for curses across generations

What seems to be suffering is an outcome of a specific karma to even out the energy given out by the soul at some point of its journey. Many people ask me to talk about the planetary aspects and how am I able to predict events in people's lives. At Astrosmiles, we do not have the habit of talking about the planets or justifying astrology works or not ( it is like listening to an Accountant trying to explain a P&L statement to you - you will go to sleep soon unless you are an Accountant yourself) , instead focus on specific actions taken by the native or their lineage for which they are facing the karmic downpour.

Through history, the role of the advisor was to ensure the King follows the righteous path for the kingdom. Jyotish was never meant for remedies but to help people live a better life and fulfil the purpose of the journey.

Our pending karma readings are all about understanding why a native is undergoing challenges. There is no coincidence in astrology - just that an ignorant eye is unable to pick up the nature's message. The quest is to find out why the person is undergoing a challenge. The karmic accounting is maintained in the cosmos and etched in the DNA of the various elements of nature. Those who have experienced it through our readings are well aware and have seen a huge change in their lives when such karmic changes were brought in their mindset.

Take for example, racism and sexism - one of the toppers in terms of reasons of karmic downpour( there are many more but we will focus on this one for the purpose of this post).

Racism attracts the curse of masses and not just one person. Even a racist thought gets accounted in the scheme of the cosmos and comes back to the native and his/her family in different forms of challenges. Sexism was very prevalent and still remains to be prevalent in all countries - different rules for women of the family and different ones for men ( and this is across sports, companies and organizations).

Some men are petrified with the fact that their wife earns more than them - some are blaming their Mother for all the problems that they are facing - the actual reality is that they are not man enough to address their own inadequacy and hence suffer in their lives. The soul has no gender so even women who indulge in such behaviour are not exempted from the karmic downpour.

The curse of racism and sexism manifests in different forms - if you have any doubts then look at anyone in your family/friends who followed those rules and see how their next generation is doing. What challenges they are facing. If you have any doubts about karmic retribution you will clearly see it manifest. Not giving an equal share to the daughter in inheritance, aborting kids due to gender choices or out of convenience or disrespecting your parents are very good ways of inviting trouble in your own life and the life of those who you wish the world for.

The first step to overcome these curses is to subconsciously attain a state of acceptance of the ecosystem and respect every being - whether human, animal or other forms of life unknown to humanity. The next step is to practice equality and opportunity for all. Merit shall be the only criteria but then how many people actually follow it. They look at the other ones and justify their inadequacy by accepting it as a norm of the society.

It is such an irony that companies have to put out legal disclaimers claiming to be equal opportunity employers but isn't that what is supposed to be? The fact that they have to put it out itself reflects on what kind of world we live in. Many of those companies themselves just put it out there to protect themselves from legal hassles and use lawyers to justify how correct they are when such incidents are reported by their staff. Not to worry - the cosmos is a leveler and justice is always served.

Be assured that these karmas are accounted for and if you have any doubts then look at the next generation of those family members who carried out these actions and those who accepted or fought for a larger share of inheritance leveraging a loophole in the system that it was not them who wrote it even though they knew that it is wrong. It is their own greed for which people suffer and in turn that curse gets transcended to the next generation through the cosmos.

There is no remedy for racism and sexist behaviour - the only remedy is penance and course correction. If you have experienced such a situation and have any feedback to be shared, please do like, share this post to build awareness.

If you have such a challenge and need a remedy to fight against such challenges, comment below or share this post or write to us.

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1 Comment

Alok Joshi
Alok Joshi
Sep 16, 2021

Excellent have raised pertinent contemporary issues that need to be addressed head-on.

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