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Updated: Aug 20, 2020


2020 has made people realise the importance of freedom. It has brought the importance of individual and collective discipline to the forefront. It does not matter whether you are living in a so called "developed" country or a so called "developing" country - nobody has been spared by nature's isolating justice. This is probably how the freedom fighters of your respective countries felt every moment under oppressive forces. Some freedom fighters adopted a more aggressive revolutionary approach while some took to non-violence and peaceful messaging to get their voices heard. The goal was #freedom

Liberation is not a #destination but a moment in time which can last an eternity. The journey begins at this moment towards freedom. A free nation is a child who is free to choose her future, she is willing to learn and is liberated from any control. Citizens of the country are like family who support the sapling to grow and become a nurturing tree. All the citizens need to do, is to water the lovely sapling and protect it from the predators - both within the family and outside. The tree will grow with the right source energy.

A child disciplined to understand what is right for her makes the right choices and carves out a responsible career during adulthood. She enhances her life and also helps nurture her family and neighbours. Through her own struggles of life, she sets examples and inspires others (countries) to accept the differences and enhance the diversity in their family. Slowly a new world emerges, helping prosperity and universal well-being take the forefront.

This liberated nation can express freedom and independence to inspire others and have the humility to learn from others around. It comes with a lot of discipline, sacrifice and self-awareness. At an individual consciousness level, our being is no different than that of the child.

As a citizen of any country that you may live or belong to, you can choose the path of responsible freedom and help in contributing towards a better world around you. Each individual who liberates self from the racism and the biases, will help build an unending and enjoyable Freedom Express. Let equality, merit and truth be measures of humanity.

On India's independence day, my wish for everyone is to take the first step towards liberating our own mind - slowly, the rest of the world will fall in place with each individual's contribution. Free yourself to free others from the coils of negativity. Happy Independence!

All aboard, Freedom Express!

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1 Comment

Nice expression Amit to explain freedom. As there is old saying in India that before you took charge to change the world you need to change urself. Similarly the experience of freedom also start from within. If one is free from biasing he can contribute in a free society building.

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