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Focus is an amazing force and sometimes an amazing support system. The same force can become an impediment to growth in other areas of life so a consistent focus on specific areas of life is the name of the game right now. With the current transit, there will be a selfish mode operating in the cosmos - even if you can justify it, the cosmos knows who is who in the zoo. Be mindful of this emotion and not hide it in the name of focus.

Flowing like water instead of blowing like fire is the key until early July'23. Keeping the body hydrated and drinking adequate amount of water is a great remedy during this time. Support your mother or motherly figures in your life. Depending on your chart combination, the need for focus and flow will be evident in specific areas - for some it will be health while for others it could be family, wealth or legal matters. Feeding your focus with positive actions and right food for thought is essential during this transitionary phase of the year.

This is a true time to Being Hanuman. You can download the free e-book and forward it to as many people who are looking for focus and flow. There are several remedies mentioned in the e-book which will help you handle this time period more effectively. This will certainly add great karma to you as well. Helping someone in need of emotional support and stepping up for them will be key in generating the flow. Do share your feedback with us as you progress through this time.

For more specific cases, You can always reach out to Astrosmiles for a consultation if you or any of your loved one is facing any challenges in focusing on the right pillars of their beautiful journey of life. With Lord Hanuman's blessings, we aspire to help our clients understand the challenges better and drive positive outcomes with the help of astrology, vastu and our experience of wellness journeys.

Keep flowing, keep trusting and never give up.

  • If you’d like a consultation for yourself or someone in need of our assistance then please reach out to or WhatsApp +6587277684.

  • If you thought Superman and Batman are great, try Being Hanuman . It is a power read to inspire the courage within you. Free download - share with family and friends to spread the energy.

  • We do free consultations for children suffering due to challenging health conditions so please feel free to reach out. We will try and give our best for those souls.

  • Reach out for some practical and the most amazing yantras to help drive very simple and effective changes in your life. Do remember - simple does not mean easy... we do some serious changes but in the most practical way possible.

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