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A great remedy to secure the future

5th February 2022 is a great day to initiate the future. There are many Dream Snatchers in the world but very few who can explore the unseen. Creator did not have anyone to copy and there was no benchmark when the Creation was being manifested. Creativity is not something you can copy - you can call it anything but not Creativity. To create something new, a lot of energy and commitment is needed. Energy can only be transferred from one form to another but creating energy is not possible for many mortals. If you ask an elephant to swim like a fish then the problem is not with the elephant.

What us mortals can do though is something amazing - we can transfer positive energies to leave a lasting legacy of a better world - a world that the Creator sought to originally create.

Basant Panchmi is a great day to invoke such energies. Across many religions this day is celebrated in different ways but the purpose is the same - to acknowledge the knowledge and spring into a new day of Creation. Instead of being a Dream Snatcher, it is a great day to initiate something new in learning , new relationships and new beginnings.

Now to the remedy that many are always looking for - on this day, gift the power of knowledge to someone or the tools to help them express their creativity.

  1. Sponsoring a child's education, donating stationary for children who cannot afford it– school bag, pens, notebooks, school uniform etc. for the less fortunate in this material world. You can donate to any orphanage or any such organization to secure the future of someone.

  2. If you do not have the resources to do the above, one can always put efforts to educate someone in need or at least build awareness in your own circle of friends to help the future.

  3. If you cannot do any of the above, then at least educating the self to get to a point where one can do the #1 and #2 are great initiations on Basant Panchmi. You can start something new related to learning on this day.

Express gratitude for the education you have - if you can read it then you do qualify to express gratitude to the Creator. Pass on the education to as many as possible as knowledge when shared transcends geographies, generations and the universe expands. This was the whole idea of the expanding universe.

Astrosmiles wishes its customers, readers and seekers a very Happy Basant Panchmi. May the learning never stop as Knowledge is the only asset which can solve any problem and get one out of any challenges.

We do have a couple of orphanages that we work with, where they accept donations in kind as well. If you’d be interested in donating then please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to share the details to you for donating directly via Amazon or other means.

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