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Observational astrology is a beautiful science. Each word spoken gives out a certain energy of what is happening within the subconscious mind. Our Wellness Journeys are all about raising the awareness levels of an individual and making it an experience based Jyotish journey. Experiencing change starts with yourself - you raise your energy and negative people and environments disappear from your life- conversely, you drop your energy and you are in the world of dream snatchers. Observing these patterns is a part of the predictive astrology but some secrets of the universe are only transcended and never given out to us directly. It is a highly encrypted message from the cosmos.

Observation comes through connection at a very deep level with the cosmos - about what is being said and what isn't. The first step towards developing such power is isolation. Isolation is not a bad thing after all - when in the mother's womb, one is isolated yet protected - listening to everything that is happening in the new world that one is about to enter. The experiences of the soul start even before this time but this phase is one where the foundations are laid for the new journey. Isolation is the first step towards preparation. If you look at how you have managed isolation during this time, just ask around in your family as to what was happening when you were on your way to the world and you will get hints of how you handled this so called unprecedented time.

Dreams are an essential part of the subconscious world - the ones you do not remember are dreams but the ones you remember are messages from the energies to your subconsciousness. It may or may not be comprehended by your conscious mind but certainly has an encoded message. Connecting with them requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Executing them is a totally different skill and blessing.

Now to the dream snatchers - The dream snatchers are those people who outrightly have an opinion about whatever your dream is. Want to test it? Observe when anyone you share your dream career, dream relationships or any sort of dream and the response you get from the other side. 10/10 times the dream snatchers will give you responses on why something is going to fail. Extending this further, anytime a person is talking down on your dream is essentially because this person was not able to do it themselves. Does not mean that your dream is not outlandish but snatching it does not help either.

In the vedic system, the Brahma mahurat (time period before sunrise - typically 4am) is the time at which the dream world is at its peak. It is also the time at which the laziness is at its peak. This concept was illustrated thousands of years ago in the vedic system but marketeers recently realized it and started highlighting the 5am clubs.

Brahma signifies the Creativity within. One of the best remedies to realize the first step towards your dream is to see this dream with your eyes open i.e. wake up at the Brahma mahurat and take a cold water shower. This one remedy can change your entire day, entire month and eventually your life. The collateral benefit is the fact that you are now dreaming with your eyes open.

Try it and see the magic in your life. The moment your energy changes, you will see the Dream Snatchers within and outside disappear and clear the way for you to move ahead.

Wishing you sweet dreams ahead!

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