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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The most amazing remedy to overcome your sudden events in life.

Sudden events are a form of transformation or an energy to transform the self. Transformation is life's way of change. Life itself is a sudden event in the grand scheme of the cosmos. The soul travels across generations but during a transformation the body and mind feels as if the time has come to a standstill. The calm souls during a transformation are aware of the need for change.

Living everyday and acknowledging the presence of the energies is a blessing. Birth and death are cycles of the soul to achieve its goals. When a body does not get the desired exit rituals, the soul does not get the release. It is similar to someone trying to solve a puzzle in the darkness where nothing seems to fit.

The solutions to your challenges lie in the problem itself. When you are stuck, help someone else who is stuck and your solution starts emerging. The moment you embrace this karma, you will find that the entire universe conspires to help you out.

Helping someone stuck in this cycle and giving them a release or helping out at a place which helps such souls is a karma second to none. This is what great kings did in the history - allow all warriors whether their own or of the other side to have a peaceful exit.

Now to the remedy- help in the last rites of someone who cannot afford it or offer help in places where such rituals are performed. It is a karma which will give some of the most amazing transformations in your life that only the cosmos can tell. What I can assure you is that to give an exit to someone in an honorable way or to even write about a subject so deep is a blessing of good karmas.

Last few months, Astrosmiles connected with some of the crematoriums in New Delhi and other cities of India where suddenly their owners and people working there started sending us requests of what challenges they are facing to conduct their job. If you thought your job is tough then wake up everyday to crying souls and souls which are ready to depart who seek an honorable exit but operate with restrictive resources, lack of funding and most painfully the lack of will of others to help very well knowing that one day everyone will reach this place.

Example 1: Crematorium in the heart of the capital of India - this is a place where the Who's Who of Indian politics have been cremated. Their boundary wall collapsed due to the heat of the pyres during COVID and are now struggling to get it reconstructed. They do not have shelters for the waiting areas of bereaved family members, not enough pyres and basic infrastructure.

The reason some of the great souls who are my clients came forward to help - this crematorium did not ask for money but for specific items like fire bricks, cement, sand and such basic elements which are shocking to even fathom as to how could they have handled the losses during the pandemic. Some of my clients offered their services while others gave materials but there is still a lot of work that is needed in this sphere.

This crematorium is supposedly one of the more elite ones in New Delhi serving the affluent South Delhi and Central Delhi region. One can only imagine the plight of other such places not only in Delhi but other parts of India.

Example 2: Another crematorium in Gurgaon lacks sheds for families to stand - with summers approaching along with monsoons soon to follow, it will be a huge challenge for families in pain to go through the peaceful exit of their loved ones. There are many such institutions which are struggling and will continue to struggle if one and more do not come forward.

There are many other such examples where there are some noble souls who are performing last rites for destitute within the most constrained circumstances and within budget of US$50 or US$100 as people left their loved ones without claiming ownership. We salute everyone involved with such initiatives.

If you'd like to contribute in helping build better infrastructure to help that unknown being then please do reach out to us. We will share the contact of the concerned institutions and what they need. Based on your intent and capability you can donate items or capital or your efforts to these institutions directly.

There are many unsung heroes behind this post. Many of them are my friends and some of them my clients who experienced first hand the challenges faced. My immense gratitude to all those involved in this cause and gave me the courage to write about this challenge and opportunity to serve the unknown.

Please share this post so that it creates more awareness among people, administrations and public. This is not a post to shame any system but to build awareness that we can contribute in the smallest way and change a part of our local community - this may not be the story of India only but of many other countries where every citizen can come forward and contribute to their local community in their own little way.

After all, an exit strategy is essential for one and all.

Disclaimer: Astrosmiles is not associated with any of the institutions and is writing in good faith to build awareness. While the term crematorium is used, it is not reflective of any specific religion - we believe in the oneness of the soul as the soul has no religion.

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