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No one color more important than the other!

Confusing one's status with one's being is the single most erroneous karma that many humans manifest. Humans are an amazing species. Probably the only ones who are born free souls but then enslaved to color, sex, nationality, language or any such parameters of identity. Unfortunately, these are all characteristics which are externalized and cast upon us from the very beginning of our journey.

During my consultations, I come across several karmic patterns which are manifesting as troubles for the native but the most impactful of them is somehow related to sexism, racism or abuse in the family or by the native themselves. Yes, the karma of the grandparents, parents and the self will all be bearing fruit in this short span of lifetime.

So the question is about breaking that karmic pattern and once that karmic pattern is broken then it unlocks the life in a new dimension - some clients call it magic - I call it awareness.

The degrees vary from person to person but it is important to firstly accept that the bias is something that prevails across all beings. The bias is natural but to act on it is something that one can control. Life will put forward a test to everyone reading this article but those who are in a sense of awareness will pause and act on such occasions.

Equality is a state of being where the acceptance levels and action orientation is at its peak performance level. It is a colorful state of being. On the contrary, people who are discriminating and using color as a means of justifying their selfishness will suffer eventually even though they may find instant gains by doing so. If you doubt what is being written here, just check the outcomes of the lives of all the racist beings who conducted atrocities in history. Their end was miserable.

Racism and sexism are prevalent at grassroot levels in most societies. Those who claim that it does not exist are certainly living in denial.

  1. The love for a male child

  2. Disrespecting other religions than one's own and even worse would be to disrespect one's own.

  3. Looking down on people on the basis of their color, language, ethnicity, dressing sense and outlook.

  4. Judging someone on their profession and thinking that you are at a higher moral ground ( which in itself goes against the entire essence of education)

  5. Killing or hurting animals, child abuse and domestic violence.

  6. Expecting siblings and children to abide by one's own belief ( and this includes people who work for you or are in your team).

  7. the list goes on and on and on.....(am sure you get the drift).

These karmas destroy and corrupt the soul at a foundation level. No matter how much a native may pray or work hard, if such thoughts plague the soul then there can be no happiness in the long run. Justice is served by Mother Nature.

Equality on the other hand is a colorful experience. Just being in sync with nature and accepting the way things are is one of the best karmic remedies for a peaceful journey. The biggest impediment to this process is the individuality taking on the society or the family itself ( in most cases). Just because a mob ( metaphorically speaking) is doing it, does not make it right. Astrology has ways to align the soul and the energies but the most effective approach is to align the soul with the mind. It is simple but not always easy.

Applying a correction on the self is the first step to experiencing liberation. One is blessed if we even get an opportunity to correct ourselves. It is never too late to take the first step. The key to even unlock this experience is to be true to the self.

Try it and you will find an amazing change in the way nature aligns everything for you.

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