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Drop the I and Go support the Ecosystem

Thoughts lead to actions, action leads to results. What we see today is a realization at many different levels depending on the type of challenge one is facing. If you are still unaffected by the pain of others then certainly there is a need for introspection.

Ironically, mankind is facing the challenge of lack of oxygen which is symbolic of what nature is trying to tell all of us. It is Hanuman ji Birthday on 27th April and it is a time to dust off the problem faced by self and go out there to help people in whatever way one can, in whatever country one can, in whatever form one can. It is a time to drop the I in the Ego and think about the Eco.

This is not a post to get everyone out of their concrete homes but to urge each to travel within the thoughts and enter a zone of empathy towards those suffering due to any reasons, wherever they maybe in the world - whether it is your neighbour, your fellow country citizens or a stranger who is a part of your daily news. News can be fake but one can never be fake to one's own thoughts. It is the power of thought that can heal the world.

Even a subconscious message to the universe to give strength to each and everyone facing challenge and power to those Doctors, healers, emergency staff and every Samaritan who is trying to make a difference in this global crisis will make a difference in many ways which are difficult to explain in words but understood and felt by those who believe in the magic of the Connected Universe.

It is a time to express gratitude for what you have - whether it be in the form of health, wealth, family or simply the breath of oxygen one has. If you have someone in your life to call on during this time, consider it a blessing and try to help those who have nobody.

Being Hanuman is not complicated - it is simple in many ways. Ever tried changing a messy presentation full of text to a slide with 6 words and pictures? It is not easy but the simple representation changes you first and then changes the receiver of that energy. This is no different.

There are many thoughts and actions that can help you invoke the spirit of Being Hanuman. Everyday at Astrosmiles we are getting requests from people for remedies of health and employment issues that people are facing during this challenging time.

  1. Stop criticizing anyone and think about how you can help - if you cannot help then take a pause and just send a message to the universe for the well-being of others -wherever they are. They will receive it.

  2. Donate to your local hospital in need of resources. There are people working tirelessly to fight for every life.

  3. Donate high protein food to your place of worship or an orphanage or an old age home. A high protein diet during illness will help someone recover and build immunity.

  4. Donate for the last rites of needy and unclaimed bodies. This is the harsh reality and to give someone an honorable exit from this life is an honor which you can be a part of.

  5. Wear a Mask. If you are feeling entitled that nothing can happen to you then look around you. A simple act of responsibility can save someone's life.

  6. No matter which religion you follow or even if you do not follow any faith, it is paramount that we serve our community and help in whatever way we can.

  7. Plant a tree(s). ( suggested read : deep rooted connection) Charities working towards planting trees are across the world. There are charities which plant 1 tree for 1$ or even maybe 10$ but it is nothing in the broader scheme of things for you but may help provide oxygen to generations to come.

  8. Do not blame others who have brought this on as there will always be someone who breaks the rule. Focus on those who need your help - it will liberate you in the process and bring a cosmic power in play.

  9. Action has got nothing to do with one's employment status. Being of value to others is what gives the fulfilment eventually.

  10. If nothing, just sit in peace and wish everyday for the well-being of your society, people beyond your immediate circle. Exercise everyday and develop immunity so that you can help others in need.

  11. Express gratitude and stay positive. Empathize with those in pain.

  12. Those who follow Hanuman's philosophy, pay homage to Hanuman and you will feel the power to overcome this challenging time.

Those who have broken rules and been inconsiderate about the ecosystem of life will face their own karmas through nature but Being Hanuman is not about blame but about taking responsibility of the situation in whatever way one can based on one's own potential. So take initiative today and tomorrow and for the time to come in any of the ways above. If there are other ways, then please feel free to comment and add so that everyone can learn from your experience.

Astrosmiles is open to anyone in need of emotional support, be it a job situation faced during this time or a health concern. We are trying to help as many souls as possible but for those who we are unable to speak with, You are in our thoughts and prayers.

On Hanuman Jayanti, our prayer to Hanuman / Mars is to give power to every being and develop strength to see through the challenges faced.

Jai Bajrang Bali.

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1 Comment

Hi Amit, thanks buddy for highlighting the need of hour and a basic duty of being human. It's really true that it's not so difficult bro to being human to being Hanuman, the only thing you need to do it the basic duty to being human. No doubt it's a very need of hour in such tough time that all humanity extend a hand to support each other and safe guard the mankind.

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