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Beginning of the New Year

On the occasion of 13th April which is the mark of a new Year and a tribute to my Father who only chanted Hanuman Chalisa all his life, Astrosmiles is giving a gift of Being Hanuman eBook to each and every seeker who maybe interested in initiating the New Year with the positivity of Hanuman.

Please use the promo code beinghanuman_astro on checkout. Go ahead and initiate the year of Mars with the most optimum energy to handle this upcoming year.

This promo code will be open for the entire timeframe of the Navratris ( 9 days) but if you read it on the 13th April itself it will bring very good results and initiate new beginnings.

Go ahead and download Being Hanuman.

Jai Bajrang Bali.

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  • To invoke the spirit of service in you, download my eBook Being Hanuman

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