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A storm is a stored energy source developed over time due to the heat and the environment around the being. Nature is synchronized in its beauty to bring about change - neither a tree nor a human can decide to dictate terms with nature.

The Maharishis and the sages who gave the eternal knowledge of the universe were allowed to do so as these sages were well connected with the ecosystem itself. They understood energies and its principles. Alignment with the forces of nature gave them immense insights into the deeper realms of the human mind.

Many of our clients have asked us to explain to others how the magic of Vedic astrology that helped them can be experienced by others. The challenge with such an approach is that the people who are closed in their approach can never experience this change and instead nitpick on everything fanatically. I've always maintained that the magic of Jyotish is only visible to those who actually trust the universe for the magic to prevail in their life. The astrologer who you meet is also dependent on your own chart - this is the reason we at Astrosmiles are very specific about who we sign up for our Wellness Journeys.

Coming back to the storm - the storm is formed due to the acts of the beings themselves and nature is in sync keeping a track. At an individual level, it is no different - the challenges come forward due to one's own actions and specific actions need karmic corrections. It is like an examination you just wrote - no matter what you may think, within you there is something which always tells you how you performed. The grades upcoming a few weeks later is just a validation of the action you performed a few weeks ago. Similarly, in the reference of time and space a.k.a. Shiva and Shakti , the actions performed over generations and your own recent transient past manifest in specific results.

The storm within or outside an individual is just a mere test which he or she escaped in the past even when the opportunity was given but the person did not take it. (For example, to respect your partner is a choice you make but those who judge their partner know very well what they are doing and will eventually have to pay back that karma in this life itself).

That storm is an opportunity for one to learn how to dance in a new way. Those who learn to dance in a new way are in sync with the ecosystem and exhaust the negativity in their life and are able to develop the path ahead to handle new storms that lie ahead.

It is a great time to initiate change - storm or dance - the choice is yours.

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