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This may seem to be a very negative comment but is it really? Haven't all the conditioning agents told us that Man is a social animal? I lost a friend many years ago and he used to always say - Man is not an animal - animals just chose not to be like us when they saw how things move within the human kingdoms. He understood life more than many I have known.

Conditioning in some societies will make you feel that cats are not good, dogs are better and vice versa. Cows are good and buffalos are not, goats are great and crocodiles are bad. The truth is that every person is trying to give you a version of their likes and dislikes. The day you start loving all animals equally, you will be one step closer to Shakti. Afterall, Shiva is called Pashupati which means all animals are Shakti(energy). You just haven't mastered that energy. Some animals will probably be difficult to understand for each individual due to the individual's past experiences.

There are several scriptures in Jyotish which talk about the concept of different animal species one is born before the soul picks up the body and mind of a human. It is the animal instinct in humans which keeps them alive in hostile moments or helps us solve challenges in complex aspects of life. Now, depending on the type of problem you are facing, you could invoke the specific animal instinct and draw energy from the cosmos to address any situation. Think of it like a stage of life where you are the superstar who has to now play a character in multiple roles. This can be tricky though - as you do not want to be a bull charging at your friends when they are in the character of a deer and want to work together or play the role of a swan when the regiment demands the role of a tiger. This does not mean that the bull is wrong or the deer is right - sometimes all deers may go in a completely different direction and all of them succumb to the lions while the bull could have saved himself if he dared to venture alone.

Each journey is unique and so is the energy associated with each animal. We as humans can tap into this energy by understanding the nuances of those energies. The maharishis who wrote vedic systems understood this energy principle and hence the range of animal totems in the vedic representations of deities. From the cow to the tiger, the snakes to the eagles, cats to the rats - there was a strong character played by each animal. All these energies are within each of us - some harness it more while some are still trying to figure it out.

So here is a remedy for You - if you are lacking a certain energy within, start serving an animal which signifies that energy and see the results. If you cannot serve such an animal, start visualizing that animal and see the goodness of that animal. Example, if you are facing an unsurmountable challenge - think about the mountain goat and meditate on it. If you are facing issues of relationships - serve the cow - the Cow is a giver - it is one of the most sophisticated animals to walk the earth. Man is still not able to generate a machine which takes grass as an input and gives nutritious milk as an outcome. I could go on but the animal kingdom is so beautiful that one can only sit in awe and thank the Creator for the most amazing energies out there.

In this jungle of life, Shakti is the key essence which can change the way humanity evolves - it will be a key decider in resource creation and destruction. It is the animal instinct within each of us which shall decide whether we are hunted as a species or end up developing the best civilization known to the entire animal kingdom. Some animals may be weak while some maybe strong but the one who has created all animals is not. All animals deserve the path to self realization and this is the true Shakti.

Hopefully, my friend will smile when the animals start choosing to be like us - surely a long way to go but there is hope, there is Shakti and nobody is above the Shakti.

Share, like and spread these thoughts. It might help some other social animal :)

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