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What's in a name?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

your weapon in the energy game!

Shakespeare was bang-on from Juliet's perspective and surely from a quality control perspective but in the world of predictions, the name is a huge giveaway about your personality, trends, past, present and your future. Don't agree? Well, read on and you will find out. What more, there is a little surprise for you too at the end of this post!

A name is a trigger to the call of the universe. Different beings including humans have demonstrated a very strong response from early childhood to a given name. There is a certain response the brain creates when a native's name is called. Even in the womb, an unborn child being addressed by a given name starts responding to the energy. An energy is invoked every time a name is called. This is basic premise in many traditions to name the child based on the time of birth and planetary combinations.

Alignment of one's energy with the supportive energies is the entire game of life. Your name.. well it is your weapon in the energy game! It is something that is invoked not only when people call you but also when you speak with yourself. Throughout my consultations, no matter where the planets are placed in the chart, the effect of the name is very prominently demonstrated by natives - sometimes even more than the planets in the horoscope itself. Even before I see a chart, there are several predictions which I check with my clients. The alignment is one of the reasons why people of the same name in the same school will have different outcomes - the name alignment of one is more with his birth combinations than the other.

If someone swears at you, you get angry (at least most people do :) except the enlightened or the ones who deserve it :) - it triggers a reaction). Same way, Chanting and Mantras invoke a certain positive energy within the body and the universe. Planetary energies are invoked whenever a name is called - ergo the emphasis in every religion around the Name of God and constant subconscious chanting of the name of a higher Energy Source.

Now, let us get to the examples using just the first letter. ( please bear in mind that I predict after the conversion to the Hindi letters). Depending on the other letters in the name, results will be manifested in more specific aspects. The simpler the name with lesser twists and half letters, the easier the energy progression in life.


A : will have a tendency to be #1 in whatever they choose as their line of work. Waking up really early in the morning gives amazing benefits to natives with A as the first letter.

D: will be knowledge driven and will make significant efforts for long term goals and the higher knowledge. Great advisors.

S: will connect easily with anyone very quickly and will feel relaxed near sources of water. (note that Sh will have a different impact).

V: most of the natives will have some sort of hair troubles and will have a great affinity and understanding of food. You do not want to become their enemy.

It is an area of significant research but certainly one where the predictive results are very prominent. Aligning the energies with the planetary combinations at birth or aligning our actions around the balancing energies gives you the awareness to leverage this amazing tool in the journey of life.

If you'd like to know about your name and 1 snapshot prediction based on your name, please comment below.

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