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We did too!

2020 was a defining year in the history of mankind. It was nature's way to guide humanity towards a new way of living, communicating and take the first step in different facets of life and death. At a cosmic level, it brought out the best and the worst within humans - depending on the chart combination which each individual or each country may have had.

If you are still reading this, have access to food and can fix yourself then consider yourself lucky and thank the Creator for it. Many were not able to make it.

Astrosmiles was started in 2020 to help people understand their own karmas via predictive astrology and wellness programs to take the first step towards a better tomorrow and the day after. It was the first step to start something with a deep devotion to assist as many people as possible. It was and still stands to help people smile through astro.

We've taken many such first steps through the course of our own journey - and what an amazing journey it continues to be. We look back and realize that with every step we got closer to each and every smile we put out in our client's life and through those smiles touched thousands of living beings - whether trees, humans or animals. We express our sincere gratitude to this universe for being so generous and accepting.

Our approach is simple and practical. You can try the suggested changes and see the results. If it doesn't work for you then you can go to the same old actions which landed you in that situation in the first place. Very few ever did :)

The first step is the most difficult for many who resist - those who understand the importance of it are always learning to change. From entering this world, learning the alphabet, the evolution from crawling to the first step, to the first day at school and the first step towards all ventures, it is a test to start with, once you apply yourself and overcome the challenges, results come through no matter what resistance.

Depending on how much you have resisted, the test adds up. There have been several occasions where clients who had specific blocks in their life saw the first sign of the release during the consultation itself. Such is the power of the first step - a subconscious change is all it takes to initiate towards a better today and the present. Depending on the natal chart combinations, targeted solutions suiting the lifestyle and faith if any are proposed.

Energy is universal and independent of the faith. Faith is independent of religion. Faith in the energy of the universe is all it takes. So if you are stuck in any facet - be it health, wealth, relationships, career, litigation, anxiety, debts or any other such obstacles it is time to make a new beginning.

Vedic astrology is built around the energy principle - you can only give what you have so it is important to maintain your energy level in ways which are allowing others to feed off it.

Who do you feed off then? Start with the Sun . We will cover more steps after you have taken the first step. Our Wellness Journeys are full of some amazing journeys to make this ride a lot more fun while you solve the cobwebs of any challenges one may be facing.

  1. For the next 40 days, when you wake up early morning, make your bed. The bed swears at you if you don't put it back in the way it dressed up for you the night before. This is a great remedy to reduce your expenses so try it.

  2. Take a nice cold water shower.

  3. Once you have sorted your bed and your morning shower, take a vessel and fill it with water and offer water to the Sun before 8am. It has to be offered at the same time daily - you cannot negotiate with the King. Even if you do not see the Sun, face the direction where he will rise daily and offer the water - He is there but just covered by the clouds - it will shine eventually. Start on a Sunday. See for yourself what happens during these 40 days and share your feedback with us.

Take the first step - you will thank us for it.

We at Astrosmiles, serve with humility and align the star within You. Targeted remedies are suggested depending on the natal chart but even the Vedic astrology remedies suggested above will give you dividends of happiness and health.

Please do share your feedback on the magic you experienced once you've performed these remedies.

  • If you’d like a consultation for yourself or someone in need of our assistance then please reach out to or contact us (WhatsApp) +6587277684.

  • If you thought Superman and Batman are great, try Being Hanuman . It is a power read to inspire the courage within you. Free download for a limited time.

  • We start a new journey from 5th August 2022 ourselves so do reach out to take the first step.

Please share, like and subscribe our initiatives so that the positive work can be spread to one and all.

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