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The magic of Kashi

To manifest my astral travels in this physical being, I decided on an impromptu visit last week to one of the energy centers of the vedic world - Kashi. Kashi is a magical city full of legends and energy layered across generations. The Ganges holds the treasures of the journeys of the soul.

Kashi is today's Varanasi in India. The etymology of Kashi evolves from the word Prakasha - meaning the "light". It is home to Hindu shrines and home to Jain, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist holy sites. For the connected souls, this place excites them just like a child is excited to visit a candy store full of infinite supply of delicious candies. Words are not enough to define the energy one experiences in the lap of the Mother Ganges.

One of the hidden jewels along the Manikarnika Ghat is the Kashi Karvat ( Karvat means leaning) temple. The temple is leaning towards one end and submerged in the lap of the Ganga. The imperfection of the life of this temple makes it a beautiful structure to learn from. Just like many spiritual stalwarts of Kashi, this temple has its own legends. My goal is not to prove or disprove the legend but to draw the essence of what it is trying to teach humanity.

Several legends prevail about this temple. One such legend is about the story of King Man Singh. The King set out to repay the debt towards his Mother Ratna for the sacrifices that the Mother had done for him. It was a perfectly straight structure and one of its kind when constructed. When he approached his Mother to repay the debt with his masterpiece, the temple tilted and leaned in one direction. The universe gave a clear sign to him that he still owed a debt towards his Mother. Despite all the efforts, the temple could never be brought back to the structure originally envisaged.

With Navratris around the corner, it is a great reminder of the debt each human has towards the Mother who brought them to life and taught them the life lessons, the sacrifices she made every moment silently. At a much broader scale, the debt of the several Mothers who nurture an individual life form is something which can never be repaid. One can only pass it on to the next life form created in this ever expanding universe. The debt of Mother Nature, the debt of the physical Mother of this life, the debt of the Moon and the debt of the mindset which enables one to breathe every moment can only be attempted to be repaid in every way possible.

This Navratri, Astrosmiles expresses gratitude to Mothers of all forms. Our Wellness Journeys begin at the end of Navratris to mark the new year 2079. We thank Mother Nature and a big Thank you to Kashi for the enlightening experiences.

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