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Updated: Mar 27

The Sun is the controller of life in the solar system. The Sun is the vitality and the center of the being. Those with a strong quality of the Sun are givers and leaders. They are the ones who are responsible to ensure the Moon gets adequate light and resource so that the Moon can nurture the beings on Earth.

The constant burning of the Sun is similar to the process of our energy generation within. When we are born, the umbilical cord is connected and the being is in full blossom. The Father and the Mother are happy, innocence is at its peak and the being is free of any prejudice and sorrow. The being is centered. The breathing process is just the way the being is supposed to be... the navel moves up and down when a child breathes.

Then something shifts, the center shifts... the breathing changes. Emotion and logic kick in. Conditioning kicks in.. .right and wrong... good and bad education kicks off. The being loses power and the center shifts. The heart and the mind start shifting the center. The moment good and bad kicks in, karma manifestation kicks in and the process of knowing sometimes takes over the process of just being.

The challenge with the Sun is that it is so silently operating in the solar system and burning itself in the background that it sometimes does not express itself. Just as a Father sacrifices silently and disciplines the child, the child is oblivious to the power of the Sun. Sun is expression at its best, it is power yet operating in the metaphorical shadows. Those who look at shadows are never facing the Sun and those who are ready to take the heat are never scared of the shadows. The shadows do not affect those beings as they can see the light even though their eyes are shut.

Breathing is the essence of the being. There are 3 key centers of the human body. The navel, the heart and the mind. Those who allow the mind to race too much will struggle just being and have a lot of questions. These questions do not let the being center so it is important to reduce the questions of the mind and just focus on the breath.

So here is a fun remedy for you. For the next 40 days, get out at dawn and watch the sun rise. See how your breath changes when the flowering Sun appears. You will realize that the Sun flowers and the Astrosmiles within. In that beautiful moment, you will forget the knowing and know everything - you will find your center as you are looking at the center of the Solar system.... you will rise and shine automatically.

Share, like and spread these thoughts. It might help someone rise and shine.

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